Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore

Disclaimer: If you happened to chance upon my review, I am informing you in advance that my review is not a photo spam or a food porn fest. Our visit to the cafe was under rushed circumstances so there wasn’t a mood for pictures. So… you may want to read another review, or go experience the cafe without any prior expectations in mind! 

The opening of the cafe coincided with BF’s flight to US for his work-travel programme. Knowing that I am a fan of that overrated mouthless cat (or a girl, whichever you choose to believe) with a ribbon, we decided to have dinner/supper at the cafe before catching his midnight flight.

As of the afternoon the news reported that people had been queuing for about 3 hours or so to get in. Had a bad feeling that the crowd will get worse during dinner time and I didn’t want him to end up missing his flight. And so I got pretty angst during work which got me to posting this:


Long story short, we queued about 2-3 hours as well (with much grumbling from my side). What was annoying was that there were a couple of empty tables (some cleared, some uncleared) visible to us from the outside. But apparently the staff didn’t let the customers in, until much moments later. Maybe they didn’t notice, or maybe it is some other reason we don’t know.

BF’s parents came to pass him his luggage for check-in while we were still in the queue. His dad kinda got displeased with what we were doing because catching a flight is more urgent than queuing for a cafe that will be permanently based at the airport. And in the end they ended up joining us for a bite. I felt really guilty having to listen to his dad’s  incessant angry nagging throughout the meal.

The slip up was that drinks were served after we finished our main course, and we got informed that they ran out of desserts. Since it is their first day in operation, I will let them off for that. But since the cafe operates for 24 hours, running out of stock  on food items is not a forgivable excuse. After all, people are here for a pleasant experience, not one that is memorable-in-a-bad-way.


Yup this is us!

For those looking for a review, here’s a summary.

Decor– Not excessively pink nor cute-sy. The decor is based on the theme of a garden (like what is reflected in its name), so orchids and other flowers of sorts pre-dominated the white interior. There are statuettes since no themed cafe would be complete without them #justsaying. It felt touristy because of the orchids but that is just a personal vibe.

Service– Plenty of room for improvement, that’s all I can say. Given all the previous instances of the Hello Kitty mania in Singapore, I thought maybe they would have a better gauge of consumer market to prepare them for the incoming demands. We were lucky in a sense that BF’s dad hurried the staff and manager about 3 times and used BF’s flight as a bargaining chip to get our food served quickly to us, but there are many other criticisms by customers posted online which you can read.

Taste– It was average and portion was smaller than expected. Maybe my taste buds sucked, maybe we ate our meal in a hurry, or whatever.

Dish aesthetics– Yeah it was alright for me.. but judging at customers who pointed their phones at all sorts of angles at the food (as observed during queuing), the chef might have done a good job.

Price– Off budget for a poor graduate like me. Was prepared to pay but his parents footed the bill.

2nd visit? Not for the time being. Maybe when the novelty wears off and the queue gets shorter or something.

So knocked out with a 6 day work week. Ciao.

Tottenham vs Man Utd!

Done with 1 essay. 3 more to go. This week gonna be hell again with all the tight deadlines. I hope I can survive this.

Anyway I woke up with a hangover I think. Was super listless, lacked concentration and felt fatigued throughout the day. If the Japan history prof asks why the last part of my essay is so poorly written, I will just tell him that I had a hangover and invite him for a couple of beers.

Yes I was out drinking again… and caught the Tottenham vs Man Utd match! Waited so long for this actually.

Shall summarise in point form instead of writing lengthy stories.

-The match delayed for 30 minutes because the Man Utd bus was stuck in a traffic jam. And of course there were jokes flooding social media like these:

UntitledUntitled 2Screenshot_2016-04-11-21-46-42-1Screenshot_2016-04-11-21-46-54-1

Uh wait… how do we “start the game without them”? Subs vs 1st team?

Read more about the traffic jam here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3533606/Manchester-United-face-5-000-fine-arriving-late-Tottenham-clash-coach-couldn-t-fit-low-tunnel-alternative-route.html

Well I did got slightly annoyed because I was in the midst of finishing the 4000 word essay but we already left home to watch the telecast so I couldn’t work on it while I was out.

-We caught the match at Tiong Bahru Bar (TBB)… and here is a draft checklist I made while typing this if you want to catch live screenings at bars. Maybe I should escalate this into a full post.

  • High definition TV with huge screen – checked!
  • Alcohol – checked! (But quite pricey for us actually)
  • Food – kitchen was already closed by the time we got here at 11pm. The match was 4pm Brit standard time.
  • Spectator ambience – very quiet leh. There were a few Man Utd fans around as well but they were more of casual watchers than engrossed, agitated fans.
  • Sound system – Oh no. Couldn’t hear any of the commentary at all because the sound system was playing songs like Bad Day/ Where is the Love/ Blank Space etc instead of the match!

Okay I would still settle for it though, since it is better than crappy live streaming.

-First half was a snorefest because… typical. Soccer fans would know that there is a long running joke that Man Utd doesn’t score during the first half because it is their tactic to bore the opponents to sleep before they score. But anyway few times Spurs came closed but missed.


image courtesy: @SpursOfficial

-After the half time, LVG subbed off Rashford to bring on Young as a striker, when Young actually plays as a left/right wing. Anyway he made a whole lot of crazy tactical decisions that no one could ever understand like playing the players out of their position. And after Fosu-Mensah got subbed off due to injury things were pretty much screwed.

-Spurs goals escalated quickly! Madness. But proud of the team!

Untitled 2

-Oh and I forgot to add… The referee is Mike Dean, an alleged Spurs fan. He was caught celebrating when Spurs players scored goals previously, but surprisingly I didn’t see him doing that for this match. Anyway there was one part where Dembele slipped and Mike Dean reached out his hand to help him up. And so it got me retweeting this:


-Around 80 mins or so Depay got into a fight with Walker lol.

-Unfortunately we couldn’t finish watching the match because TBB had to close at 1am according to their operation license agreement, so everyone had to vacate in order not to impose on them.

What it’s 1am already?!

Ah the pain of being an Asian football fan. To catch our favorite team in action we sacrifice our sleep and wake up at 3.45am to watch live matches, or stay up late! But anyway whatever it is, Tottenham won with a clean sheet! Man Utd fans went apeshit on social media once again with all the #LVGOUT and “next time play De Gea as a striker” etc.


Damn it Troll Football, it is EriksEn not Erikson 


From Yid Army 4 Life Facebook 

-It was surprisingly nice to take a stroll at 1am around the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. It is as if the whole world belongs just to you and the someone you ❤

Okay linking back to the beginning of the post… I guess this is how you feel the next day when you get a hangover. But I still love my beers and cocktails (did this edit a few days ago cos I was restless)


Last of all here’s my review of the match!

Man of the Match: The whole Tottenham team/  De Gea, Fosu-Mensah (for being saviours, literally)

Flop of the Match: LVG

Will Tottenham win the title? As a fan I hope they do, obviously.

So done with school. Can’t wait to start working already.

And last of all, everyone should read this:

10 reasons why a girlfriend who loves soccer is the best girlfriend ever


Book Review: The Right to Differ

Trigger warning: Parody.

This is the book I am currently reading.


As someone who doesn’t give a shit about Malaysia history and politics, the book was a snorefest.

Don’t ask me why I put myself through the torture of reading something that doesn’t interest me. I generally bo chap the life and career of politicians one. But for the sake of some module I had to do it.

Anyway what I thought was commendable was that Ooi framed the biography his interview questions, and left it there (presumably unedited) for the reader in the book. And then he also inserted wholesale some press statements, speeches, newspaper articles, etc etc documents related to Lim at the end of each chapter.

Walao eh. If only I can do that for my term papers to fulfill the word count.

And that’s it for my review. I don’t care if you want to come up with some scholarship-type review of it, or any opinion that sounds politically pleasing to academia, or even criticising my review for simply being so unprofessional.

After all, I have the right to differ.

Elemen Restaurant Review

Disclaimer: NOT sponsored post!

My goodness. It’s already the 2nd week of February. Where has all the f-ing time gone!

I am supposed to be rushing my assignments but decided to update my blog instead.

So much stuff happened there in Philippines but honestly I couldn’t be bothered to properly blog about it. I haven’t even upload the photos onto Facebook. Guess that’s not gonna happen anymore woops.

Anyway my aunt and I ate at this restaurant called Elemen at Millenia Walk TWICE IN A WEEK! It happened that she signed up for restaurant membership and go entitled to 2 15% off vouchers. We used one on my first visit (31 Jan. The family went there when I was away) and she was informed that the 2nd voucher will expire on 5 Feb so we went there for a 2nd helping on the same week.

Guess what that means? Meat free, guiltless vegetarian food! (Although I did feel guilty for the wallet).

We settled for the 8 course meal each which cost $32.80++ per pax. Apart from the appetizer, diners can select one dish from the rest of the categories on the menu. Best is to order different goodies so that you can sample the rest. I will just lump all the dishes we tried from the 2 visits to prevent confusion.

The in-house appetizers! Was told by the waiter to eat them from right to left (front to back for the case of this pic). Honestly I have never received directions on how to eat appetizers hahaha. Anyway first up is cucumber with mashed potato, followed by a black sesame tofu, and lastly cherry tomato. I particularly liked the tofu and sauce because of the pairing.


Breadstick with raspberry sauce. Initially I thought it was strawberry because of its characteristic pink color but close enough!


Next is the salad- Had the mushroom, avocado and quinoa salads.

The mushrooms were freaking juicy omg! For the avocado and quinoa, the crunchy texture was just right.



After that comes the soup, available in western and chinese kinds. They come with apple cider to facilitate digestion (and to prepare your stomach for more goodness later).

The first time we had Double Boiled Maca Soup and Cream of Pumpkin soup. Maca is a superfood which helps to increase your strength, energy and endurance and it contains 5x more protein and 4x more fibre than potato (lol I learnt this through an online course by Health Sciences Academy).

2nd visit was Double boiled Burdock root with Monk Fruit Soup and Truffle Oil Mushroom Soup. Burdock roots purify the blood, help in digestive health, and are anti-oxidants, while Monk fruits are zero-calorie artificial sweeteners. The smell from the truffle oil was quite strong because I could even smell it while it was on the way to the table.

Main course! They are western, chinese and japanese options to choose from so here’s what we got:

Tempura Tofu with Strawberry Rice Rolls, and Oven baked Mountain Yam. Kudos for the dish presentation for the sushi and it was good as well, although I couldn’t really detect the strawberry taste. The oven baked dish came with some goodness as well- water chestnuts and walnuts. But after a few bites the baked cheese got kinda overwhelming for me.

For the 2nd visit we had Avocado Roll and Braised Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice served on Hot Stone. I am loving the tempura crunch in the roll! The rice came still sizzling and piping hot. The combination of ingredients is really quirky- fried rice with green apple, pumpkin and mushroom. Have never tried main dishes with apples in it before.

Lastly… time for yummy yummy! Dessert comes with dessert and drinks. I wonder why drinks are served last though.

Had Osmanthus flower with jelly, and Panna Cotta with Raspberry sauce. Surprisingly they aren’t too sweet nor heavily-textured which was perfect. Drinks wise we had Grapefruit Mojito (I don’t think it contains alcohol lah haha) and Passion Fruit tea.


2nd round was Chocolate Lava cake with Gelato and Chilled Coconut Puree. The cake totally bought me over cos the lava was runny. The coconut puree didn’t give me that much of an impression because I am not a fan of all things coconut but we just tried it for the taste.

In summary…

Ambiance- Very zen and calming interior, without trying too hard to be minimalist.

Service- Quite efficient order-taking system, waiting time in-between dishes was just nice. The staff informed my aunt that her voucher is near expiry date, and he could even remember us when we came back for the subsequent visit, which was quite impressive given that you have to deal with so many customers every day.

Taste- For people like me who needs to have her daily dosage of meat, Elemen is a refreshing switch to the vegetarian palate. The food is wholesome and hearty so it was quite a filling meal.

Dish aesthetics-I have never seen food presentation so exquisite before, especially for the appetizer which wowed me over. Great for food porners.

Price- Hahahaha it was on the high side for students like me but for everything mentioned above, it was worth it. In fact the a la carte meals would be comparatively more pricey than the 8 course meal.

3rd visit? Maybe when they introduce new revolutionary gastronomical dishes into the menu then that would call for a 3rd visit because I have mostly tried a bit of everything already.


The South China Sea Holiday- Hong Kong, Day 5

Making use of the last day of the long SG50 holiday to write this post! Still have work and school stuff to settle but my procrastination mode is turned on.

Went for yoga class again in the morning. After which heard from the family that the Chinese breakfast selection at Genting Palace was very limited. Moral of story: I would recommended Western food and International buffet for meals, but no harm trying Chinese food just for once.

Ate Western for lunch at Genting Palace. The main course fish took ages to come as the chef prepares the fish in batches, so the waiter kindly offered us another appetizer from the menu before the fish are served again.

The dessert is pretty! I couldn’t scoop up the chocolate that was plastered on the plate. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be eaten.


After that went to look at the sea and the islands, indicating that we are reaching shore soon.


Mum makes random appearance.


The tugboat which pulls the cruise ship to the dock.

2015-07-15 14.57.36

Went to collect our passports at the theatre at 3.30pm. There are different disembarkation areas and timings for the various nationalities. For “other nationalities” it means everyone else on board excluding PRC, Indians and Hong Kongers. The process was very messy as the staff were short handed in locating the passports and there was a long queue jamming up the exit.

Bye Superstar Virgo! Till we meet again!


From Harbour City we cabbed back to our hotel. Flagging a cab was quick for us as we happened to be in a dense pedestrian and traffic area. We just have to move and act quickly or else we would be obstructing the traffic flow. Our luggage couldn’t fit into the boot so the cabby did this. I was so afraid of our barang flying out if the hook becomes loose!


HK cabs actually accommodate up to 5 passengers. You just have to look out for the sign.

Our relatives were waiting for us at the hotel lobby when we reached!
Took MTR to Sheung Wan and ate at  this restaurant called Quan Zhang Ju 泉章居 (Chuen Cheung Kui). It specializes in Hakka dishes and is famous for its Salt Baked Chicken 盐焗鸡 and Chicken with Onions 霸王鸡. Their wintermelon soup is good and savory in my opinion. It is served from the melon itself which was quite creative. The Salt Baked Chicken is too salty for my liking… or is it supposed to be that salty?


Anyway their business is really good. All tables were filled so I guess they should be well known.

While googling for the restaurant I found out that they have different branches. This is the address of the one we went to: Shop C & 1/F, Alliance Building, 133 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan.

After which we head to The Peak for sightseeing. Took MTR to Central and cabbed up to The Peak Tower, which was located on the summit. Initially we wanted to take the tram but the queue was sibeh long even though it was already nightfall and it was a weekday!

On the way up I was trying damn hard not to puke cos the route was full of bends and the cabby was driving as though he was in a F1 race. Total fare from the bottom to the top was about HKD60. I would strongly recommend to take the tram if your itinerary isn’t of a rush.

Took the escalator to Sky Terrace 428. It gets its name because it is located 428m above sea level.  Admission is HKD48 for adults.

Presenting the HK skyline



The Peak is also a residential area for the rich, since they would need a car to go downhill everytime. At least they won’t have to worry about air conditioner bills and such because the air is naturally cool!



Our next stop is Causeway Bay. Side question: Why is every country in the world now building ferris wheels?


Spotted a Mr Softee Ice Cream van!


There is only vanilla flavour and 1 cone costs HKD9. The ice cream lives up to its brand name cos it is soft, and melts pretty fast cos of the hot weather.


Took the Star Ferry (again!) across the river. Payment is made using Octopus card.


Approaching our stop at Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry pier. This is the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock tower. It looks small from the photo but it towers at 44m and is built in 1915, a remnant of Hong Kong’s steam age. IMG_2251

Then went to walk along Avenue of Stars. Somehow I couldn’t get the wow factor from this attraction. When I was in HK in 2008 I remembered there were tons of celebrity names and handprints cemented on the floor and had to stop every few steps to snap photos! Now the floor isn’t worth to look at cos the handprints and names disappeared.



Forgot what time we reached the hotel. Was so tired from all the walking that I just crashed on bed.

Day 6 coming up soon, combined with my HK loot and a review of our hotel!

The South China Sea Holiday- Hong Kong Day 1

Hello world I am back! Thank god for the long weekend because I am not ready to work. I am still experiencing some fatigue because of the rushed itinerary and we traveled by air, land, sea and foot in a span of 6 days. It was a fun trip apart from some minor mishaps caused by the Worst Travelling Companion, which I shan’t bitch about it here because it is inappropriate to do so.

Anyway here are the day 1 highlights:

Mandatory view-from-airplane photo. Luckily for us typhoon Chan-hom already left Hongkong so we had a safe holiday.

mandatory on-air photo (2)

Touched down in Hongkong after a 3.5 hour flight. Our HK relatives fetched us from the airport. In fact they were the ones who brought us around during our 2 night stay here. Anyway I wasn’t informed of what they planned for us because I know nuts about Cantonese and I don’t want to annoy them by constantly asking for the itinerary, so you can safely say that I was kept in suspense the whole time.

Presenting to you the Octopus card, the near equivalent to Singapore’s EZ-link card with a lot more functions. Got them at the airport. We commuted in all sorts of HK public transport.

octopus card

Boarded the bus to Citygate Outlet for our first stop and 2nd lunch.  Fortunately the bus was equipped with a luggage compartment if not it would really be a hassle. Yes we brought our luggage there instead of checking into the hotel first because our first stop is located nearer (relatively) to the airport.


Lunched at Food Republic. Initially I wasn’t looking forward to it because food courts are also everywhere in Singapore and I wanted authentic street food. Some of the food court stalls are commonly seen too- Pepper Lunch, Singapore Chicken Rice etc. Settled for this 煎饼 (Fried Crepe) which surprisingly tasted good, apart from the salty 菜脯 (preserved radish).Oh no I forgot the cost already.

1st meal in HK (2)

Afterwards we head to Ngong Ping. 2 of our relatives kindly volunteered to stay behind to take care of our barang (and partly because they are getting on age and don’t fancy walking a lot). Anyway, Ngong Ping 360 supposedly one of the “must see” tourist attractions and is located at Lantau Island, which I didn’t know it existed until I visited. The concept behind NP360 is to strike a balance between the nature and the local lifestyle of Lantau.

Took the cable car from Tung Chung Terminal whereby you can see all the breathtaking views of the HK mountains and cityscape. The weather was a welcome change from the humid SG and HK weather. The trip lasts about 20 mins and cable car services close at 7pm.

mountains en route

First thing we saw after alighting.IMG_1886

We first entered Ngong Ping Village which is a culturally themed village. Attractions include this Action Movie theatre, many souvenir shops and international eateries like Subway, all housed in traditional Chinese architecture. It is very touristy I would say. Not very worth to devote a large amount of your time there.


On the way to Po Lin Monastery to see the world’s largest Buddha statue. You can even see it during the cable car ride. IMG_1911

Ran into unexpected tourist attractions! I have never seen cows loitering in tourist populated areas. It was damn random. They dont give a damn about people and cameras as long as there is grass for them, so they most probably won’t kick you away unless you piss them off. Just beware of their shit though. There are also large stray dogs around.  2015-07-11 16.55.22

Supposedly one of the more “authentic” local style eateries. The whole setting reminded me of the drink shops at Pulau Ubin.


At the bottom of the Tian Tan Buddha attraction. The statue looks near to the camera, but there is actually a long flight of stairs blocked by the incense burner.


This is the view you get after climbing 268 steps! The wind was so good and of course we were reluctant to go down.



The sunset on our way down.IMG_1949

The closing time for most attractions in Ngong Ping close at 6pm, and the security guard will just shut the gate even though many people are still inside. You have been warned. Overall I would say that the place is worth a visit provided if you are into Chinese temples, a nature lover, or wish to find your inner harmony or something (by avoiding the touristy areas). To get to Ngong Ping, we took Bus S1 from the airport to Tung Chung Terminal, and the Ngong Ping cable car terminal is just nearby. Tickets cost HKD 165 for a round trip. On a side note, Citygate Outlet is damn famous for outlet shopping for those who are interested.

Headed to our hotel next via MTR. The hotel we booked is called Silka West Kowloon Hotel, located at Tai Kok Tsui. Nearest MTR station is Olympic. I will do a more detailed review of it in the subsequent posts because this post is getting long (and people are losing attention yes?). Anyway, the train looks empty but it got crowded when it reached the Disneyland interchange.


Had a late dinner at a eatery selling zhi-char a few streets away from our hotel. I forgot the name of the place because we merely wanted to settle dinner. After which we went to Argyle Centre at Mongkok for shopping. It’s quite late at night but it is when Mongkok comes alive.


SASA! Sasa and Bonjour are one of the major cosmetics/drugstore players in HK and they are everywhere. Again I will post up a more details about shopping in a separate post.


It was midnight when we got back to our hotel. Our HK relatives went home first and we got lost woops. It is damn hard to orientate yourself at night especially when you are in foreign land and Tai Kok Tsui is in an outskirt location.

Okay till next time!

Latest Food Hunts/Haul

Just wanted to share my latest food haul/hunts. Many people are going to scream at me that kids in Africa are starving etc etc but calm down everyone, I do finish my food because I am a broke person.

Cold Storage organised a Shizuoka Food Fair at Plaza Singapura from 19 to 28 June. I didn’t know about it until I passed by the atrium. Apart from Shizuoka produce there were other commonly seen titbits like Calbee potato sticks, Matcha Kit Kat etc, condiments and Ramune soda. Anyway here is my 1st haul (I went twice). I forgot the pricing but the goodies are made available at all the Cold Storages islandwide after the event.

-Wasabi Crackers: Not advisable to stuff the whole cracker into your mouth because you will be gagged by wasabi. But as a wasabi fan I love it.

-Bourbon Japanese snacks: Bought it numerous times already. I became a convert after my module mate introduced them.

-Assorted Chocolate: Haven’t tried all them but they are good so far.

-That waffle looking bag of chips: Taste was forgettable. Woops.

-Green tea Potato Chips: I haven’t tried them yet. Woops.

-Bonito and Tamago Furikake: Ditto


My 2nd Haul got dispersed so I collaged them:

-Seaweed: Haven’t tried them but they don’t come in the typical sheet form so it’s worth a try.

-Grape and Peach Candy: Was an impulse buy because I was falling short the limit of my $20 Cold Storage voucher. Haven’t tried it yet either.

-Potato soup: It looks unique. Where else can you find readily consumed soup in a yoghurt-like packaging with a straw? Anyway I bought potato flavour which taste great.

-Bitter Chocolate: I already dismembered the chocolate bar for easier consumption. It isn’t very bitter to be honest but still good.

-And bought my 3rd helping of Wasabi Crackers


Freshly cooked Japanese street food were available at the fair too and got sold fast. The croquette was sibeh salty because the counter staff asked if I wanted some sauce to go with the croquette and I said yes. All the mochi/daifuku are red bean filling but they are satisfying.


Chanced upon Geladiso near my workplace and had dessert there after lunch. Tried Cherry Wine which was nice by itself, but the flavour got completely masked by the mountain of toppings. I felt I was eating toppings than the gelato itself. Anyway the shop also sells cold pressed apple/orange juice which taste damn sweet. Other than that… I see that it has potential and maybe I should give it a second chance sometime soon.20150623_134458-1

YH posted a photo of a jar cake from Stay Home Mum Cafe and I got tempted by its pretty packaging. Bought the Japanese style Strawberry Shortcake and Matcha Tiramisu on one fine weekend. The Shortcake was awesome but Matcha Tiramisu was a bit… bland.

Latest purchase is Blueberry Cheesecake, yet to try. I visited around 4pm and most of the flavours were sold out already. Anyway I have decided to set a goal for myself which is to try every flavour on their shelf. The cafe also encourages a environmental-friendly mindset by launching a jar-recycling project, which is quite useful cos I don’t think I would need so many jars at home.


Last Friday’s free lunch, ordered from Makisan. Now sushi doesn’t come in seaweed wrap. The crepe wrap was a bit flimsy but it was innovative. The order took quite a while to arrive cos it was a big one and we were happy to have a Makisan outlet near the office. Anyway the delivery guy was waiting downstairs for us to collect the food cos he couldn’t go up to the office. I ended up carrying 12 boxes of sushi, 4 bowls of salad+ some other boxes of sushi in another bag (lost count), coupled with a mountain of utensils/condiments and drinks. He was quite nice to help me reduce the number of carriers though.


2 weeks ago Friday’s lunch. I ate the whole platter with soy sauce and wasabi can you believe it?!! This is heaven.


Yesterday’s dinner: Tori-q and Wow Tako because the mum didn’t cook. Accompanied her and my aunt to shop and change their phones. Now my phone is older than theirs pfft. Both aren’t exactly new but still one of the popular Japanese street food players.


My goodness that was a hell lot of food. My church friend whom I haven’t met for quite a while said that I put on some weight but it happened that I was wearing a sleeveless top that day. I still redeem myself by dancing and yoga-ing as usual.

In other non-food news… I had my first ever meeting with a client vendor because they wanted to see how their menu will be reflected on our company’s website. Their office location was rather out-of-the-way and I ended up cabbing there alone because my colleague who was supposedly going with me was on urgent leave. They are very serious about the partnership (because they are a quite a big player) so I also felt the stress. Still it was quite a good learning opportunity.

Will be going to Hong Kong from the 11th to 16th with the parents and my language-barrier relatives from my father’s side. My aunt bought the wrong package whereby the cruise (Superstar Virgo) departs from Hong Kong so we have to fly there one day earlier. What the Fudge. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the trip will be smooth and I will just mind my parents’ business because my aunt is the worst travelling companion ever (opinions are subjective but this is my opinion). Well I gonna miss work a little but I will compensate by working harder when I get back (and I think I have been working hard for the past week and will continue to do so this week).

Lastly I have planned out my timetable for next semester. The modules offered suck and so I am left with limited choices. HY4230 is compulsory; not that I am interested anyway. I have never taken any southeast asian history so I am pretty screwed. And no, I am not going to do any thesis or independent study. Maybe I should go work part time to get some working experience on my free days because the degree is getting me NOWHERE (in history-related or any editorial jobs). #angst


PS. I just realised most of my hunts/haul are Japanese food. Surprised not surprised.