Saw this video posted on RAD’s facebook.

Ahhh the memories.

I havent been dancing that frequently ever since I finished graded exams. Life happened so I didnt find another school to go further. Attending open class now and then but I kinda miss the part of having a more structured lesson and monitoring your own progress every week. 

Dragon boat regatta in about 2 weeks time. Honestly I am not confident of surviving through the distance without perfecting every stroke. It’s only 500m, it’s short, but it’s under race conditions. Sometimes I am like eyezill from 442oons. 

HAHAHA I still love to take the piss on Arsenal fans esp this season

Okay back to rushing my final assignment for graphic design course. Today morning my mum suggested taking on a proper degree in design/visual communication rather than a workplace certificate. I dont know about it though. I rather spend time working and getting experience than to go back and be a student again. I dont like to lose track of reality.