Nope I am not a guy

A few weeks back the boss experimented a new dish for us to try. It was pumpkin with mayo yogurt sauce (and something else that made the dish sibei sour) 

Female Colleagues: Eh not bad leh!…. Texture is like potato but is not potato…Most women would prefer pumpkin leh. Potato got a lot of carbs.

Me trying to overcome the disbelief: Huh i seldom eat pumpkin leh. I prefer potato.

Female Colleagues: 哎呀你根本就是男生嘛!!! (You are a guy anyway!)

It’s the 26472846 time that my gender orientation is put into contestation. Okay I like male-dominated interests like watching soccer, dragon boating and army life. My next life goal after my graphic design course ends is to pick up krav maga. I prefer wearing shorts than skirts. I find it easier to talk to guys than girls. 

But on the other side of the spectrum…I wear makeup. I like girly things like floral patterns and buying accessories at Bugis Street. Yes I still do girly things like switching on my fan-girl mode when my favourite star appears on tv. 

Nope I am not a guy. Period.


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