Xmas 2016

So it’s xmas today.

Not like it would have made a big difference to me this year actually. I have to work at the outlet later.

But as long as customers enjoyed themselves and have a memorable xmas connecting with their family and friends, I am happy.

People usually shun F&B jobs because of reasons you and I know –  The hours don’t justify the income, demanding & fussy customers, need to work on weekends & public holidays etc etc. But for me the rewards are on the intangible side – The smiles, the satisfaction, the human connection (Provided if you have put in your heart to serve lah). 

It feels real and down-to-earth, because everyone needs to eat. The opportunity to fill your tummy with food, added with the special ingredient of the presence of your loved ones…The thought and imagery of the whole experience makes the moment a comforting one.

This year was just a celeration at Paya Lebar and Westgate. (I have more days & workload at the office now). No more crazy escapades like riding on a motorbike and trekking to see a waterfall in Palawan with someone whom I only knew for less than 20 days. As long as it makes my heart warm, I am happy enough, no matter how simple it is.

Oh ya tomorrow is supposedly a public holiday but I have to work. Maybe I have to erase the word “Tired” in my dictionary.


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