I really need to learn how to control my tears in public. 

I seem to have forgotten how it was like to be mentally strong. 



Seems like my mission to be a 女汉子 failed because I am down with flu again. Feeling quite nauseated now also. Ever since SAFVC started, I haven’t had a proper break for 3 weeks straight. 

Working night shift from Mon to Thur, morning shift on Fri, full day of training on Sat and full shift on Sun, is one of the deadliest combinations to what your body can tolerate. 

Sunday was quite bad for me because of the crazy muscle ache (The ma’am said that we will definitely ache the next day and we didn’t believe her, but okay we felt it now). I strained my left wrist because cocking the SAR21 turned out to be harder than I expected. Really worried about the subsequent firing sessions because the weapon is already so heavy, coupled with the suffocating ilbv vest and the helmet that makes every wearer’s IQ drop by 50%. 

I really want to have my Sundays off to recuperate but I just dont think it’s an appropriate time to do so right now. The new menu is launching soon (now is the soft launch) and so I guess manpower is needed more than ever. But in all honesty, I have always found Sundays to be exhausting. 

People may think that being an attendant is just assigning seats to customers in the shop, dishing the menu at them and then telling them to have a look and place orders. I believe that the position is something much more. You don’t simply shove menus into customers’ faces and walk off just like this. For first time customers, I strive to make recommendations, ask for their feedback on the food, answer their enquiries to the best of my knowledge and attempt to establish friendly conversations  (depending if they are willing to talk to you). For introverts like me, environments that require me to socialise are draining to me, because I need to muster 150% of my energy to talk to strangers. 

Okay time to sleep again for the 3rd time.