My Ear Clearance Experience 

Not a read for the faint-hearted, but I shall just pen the whole experience here for anyone who wants to know anything related to ear clearance.

I didn’t expect the procecure to be so painful! My right ear is back to normal now – in fact it can hear better than the left lol.

When I first entered the consultation room there were 2 trainee female doctors (I think so?), 1 assistant doctor, 1 nurse, the senior consultant, and a huge tv screen that shows the interior of the patient’s ear and what the doctor is currently digging. Why there are so many people present I have no idea, but to have so many eyes stare at you is already uneasy enough.

At first the cleaning was administered by the assistant doctor. Omfg that was the most painful sensation ever. The cone placed in my ear hole felt as though it was jammed upon. I have no idea how to describe the feeling exactly but it was a combination of swelling, itching, tickling, exploding and piercing in a confined space. Coupled with a deafening squeaky sound in the ear due to the sound coming from the irrigation.

So yeah i started to cry due to the pain, then the trainee doctors handed me tissue, telling me it will be okay yadda yadda.

The consultant asked if I would like to have an injection to numb the pain, so I said yes. My gawd that was the worst part, with the stinging feeling on top of all the accumulated pain and stress on the ear. After the jab the pain didn’t subsidr still, so the consultant told me to take a break before starting agan.

2nd half of the session was more of digging out the gunk. The consultant took over this time and pulled my ear to look inside instead of using the cone. So apparently there were a lot of dead skin accumulated in the ear canal. Couldn’t bring myself to look at the enlarged microscopic version of my ear on the tv though.

Finally the blockage ended with this huge chunk of gunk being dug out. The nurse showed me what the consultant extracted but I couldn’t bring myself to look at it as usual.

Okay that’s enough for today. I am mentally tired.

Review next week.


In Pain


No not emotional pain of that sort

My right ear has been blocked for the past few weeks and I did not expect it to deteriorate for the worse. Last week there were headaches, nerve pain around the ear area etc etc until I had to take panadol to stop the pain temporarily. Some nights I couldn’t even sleep.

Went to the A&E at NUH and they scheduled an appointment with the ENT specialist on 7 Sept… which is 5 days from this post.

The A&E doc probably had never dealt with such a condition before and she initially diagnosed it as an “infection”, until she called her ENT colleague to examine me and the ENT doc said “Oh it’s just a lot of ear wax”. I asked if she can remove the gunk immediately because it has been giving me so much discomfort, and she said it is impossible to do so because the gunk is too hard.

I didn’t expect Impacted Ear Wax Pain to get so bad.

Can’t wait for 7 Sept.

In the meantime, smile, be strong and pretend I am okay… because nothing can be done now and no one knows how to ease the pain anyway