Another Home Again

After about a month at Raffles Place, I got transferred to Smoothie House’s flagship outlet at Westgate. 

Prior to going there I have heard much talk about the outlet, like how hectic it is/ shaving ice non-stop/ there are a lot of management trainees etc etc. Yeah I did dread going there… and did not entertain the thought that I would be transferred there. Until last week my name did not appear in both Paya lebar and Raffles Place (ORP) schedules. My ORP colleagues even texted me personally asking where I would be going. Arugh…. 

The 5 days are still okay so far, but there was a lot of stuff to take in and a different atmosphere to adapt to. Suddenly I had to learn a ton of new food & beverage recipes (because the items are not yet launched in the previous outlets I was posted to), orientate where things are kept and how they are done, battle a new crowd/customer demographics etc etc.

Honestly the 1st day I felt quite downhearted because I miss my ORP colleagues. Half of the time my mind was at ORP, thinking how the Smoothie House business is going and all the funny conversations we all shared. 

*Side track a bit. One of the unforgettable moments at ORP was when I brought my mum to Greendot to treat her for her birthday on Saturday… which coincided my dad’s hospitalisation. Got the 2 pax hotpot, and after 光叔 found out that it was me, he gave us extra taupok and lettuce. Then after the meal I washed the dishes as usual out of habit, but Hansana chased me away because my mum was waiting lol. Okay none of them knew that we were going through a rough time, but there is this unspeakable warmth coming from the environment that made us happy during our meal. 

I haven’t visited ORP ever since I went to Westgate. Only came back for a brief 10mins to take my time card, which coincided with the lunch crowd. I still owe Hansana his mango juice before he flies back to his hometown next week.

Which is why I don’t like to be too attached to people. I know we will meet again, but I hate the moment of saying goodbye after establishing a relationship with them. Maybe the other party might not feel it, but the whole feeling would keep weighing down on my mind.  



I didn’t attend. 

Okayyy people are going to slate me for being stupid for missing out a once in a lifetime opportunity, and for being an unfilial child because my parents didn’t have the chance to see their hard work and efforts pay off. 

I didn’t want to attend because I see no value in this degree. Yes this whole commencement thing is a rite of passage, but what is the point of doing so when I couldn’t relate myself to the whole symbolism behind it? In fact my decision of not to attend was made up last year when I already lost the passion for my course. 

So while others were happily posing and posting their photos on facebook… I was working another 10 hour shift. I don’t have any regrets. I rather learn what is common sense, how to work smart and how to build a team. 

And coincidentally my dad got hospitalised during this period. Apparently he was coughing quite badly so my mum brought him to SGH A&E and he had to be warded. And SGH being SGH scheduled the CT scan next Monday, which meant more days of worrying, more trips to the hospital, hospital bills etc etc.I was working overtime during Hari Raya because the orders were overwhelming, until I checked my phone and saw the whatsapp from my mum. 

Even if I registered for commencement my parents wouldn’t be able to make it anyway. 

Working life and being a student are worlds apart. I don’t have the energy to explore places and get into excitement mode. My off days are for sleeping and lazing around and I really need some quiet time alone after dealing with customers for the most of my time. 

And lastly, I have deactivated my instagram. I rather delete my social media accounts than to give anyone my password, or being asked to remove any of my friends off the list. 

I am fine. I have to be fine even if life is not going fine for me.

Okay bye.