Starting Again

I got transferred to the sister brand of the company- Smoothie House. So instead of dealing with meat-free meals, I am now handling desserts. More specifically Taiwanese shaved ice. Personally I find it difficult to associate myself with desserts. After all I joined the company hoping to encourage people to take care of themselves through eating well, instead of indulging in dessert. So technically it was another challenge to represent the brand.

Long story short, for the past 2 weeks (excluding my fever) I was stationed at the main outlet and learning everything from scratch. Honestly at the time of typing this, there are still 34532841 things I have yet to be familiar with, and I am still not an expert at shaving ice.

Last week I got transferred to the Raffles Place outlet, which meant new environment, rebuild chemistry and camaraderie with new colleagues, familiarize where supplies are kept etc etc. Apparently there is only 1 staff (aunty) permanently stationed at Smoothie House with fixed working hours, while the rest just come and go wherever manpower is needed. Honestly I felt rather unsettled and uncertain.

Customer demographics wise majority are office workers. So our peak hours are only during lunch time, because most people would have gone home/go for drinks by dinner time. Pace wise it is much slower, and during dinner time the atmosphere is quite deserted. Unless a few customers start buying and then the rest start following suit. Last Thurs I wanted to close at 9pm and then this dude came in with 3 other friends at 8.58pm thereabout. Felt bad to inform them that we are closed so I took orders. And guess what? Even more customers came in because they saw people ordering wtf. Not trying to say that I am unhappy with the sudden crowd, but there was only me during that night shift that day and there was so much to clean up.

Kinda miss the atmosphere at the main outlet but you won’t grow if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.

There are other management trainees like me around and of course vying for the office job. Part of the competitive me feels tempted to pitch myself against them and see how much we are progressing. I would very much like to sit in the office lol but the other part is telling me to just take 1 step at a time and see where it leads me to, instead of being ambitious.

Okay it’s late now. Goodnight.


Sick :(

Heading for work soon.

Anyway I fell sick 3 days ago. Fever, throat infection, cough blah blah blah. Couldn’t even open my mouth wide for the Doc to check because it was just too irritable and painful. Got 2 days of MC. It was quite terrible especially early in the morning. Throat feels so inflamed.

Next week is SAFVC already. Worried that I can’t recover in time and give my 100% focus into the whole thing. I have waited so long for this. The last thing I ever want to happen to me is to suffer a relapse and get sent home or what.

Never felt so scared and fearful before.

Update: 12/6

Fever came back since yesterday. It happens whenever I wake up from a nap or sleep. So I went back to the clinic who referred me to the hospital for more check-ups.

Anyway I informed safvc about it and they will be deferring me from this intake. Will be joining the 10-weekends non-stay in course starting in Sept. Was gutted that it would be another few months wait but I guess I only have my unhealthy sleep cycle to blame.

Back to work on tues


Relationship with my mum soured even more today. Since I got sick she kept berating me for being irresponsible etc etc. She got angry over a shit-ton of things and placed blame on me for everything negative. Like for one she was pissed that I am returning to work tomorrow instead of taking an additional day off, even though I did explain to her that my MC only covers my absence for yesterday and today. She bad-mouthed a lot of stuff about the company simply because I am going back tomorrow, working night shift and not 100% recovered.

So many aspects of my life are spiralling out of my control and I feel so helpless.

As for my dad… don’t even mention. He doesn’t care at all.


Fever still hasn’t subsided so I had no choice but to take another day off. As if I havent been miserable enough, my mum is further piling up on the negativity inflicted on me. For any decision I make or anything I bring up, she never fails to downplay me as “brainless”, “stupid”, “no common sense”. You get the idea.

I don’t feel like arguing back with her. I feel very soul-less and miserable now.

The Buzzfeed Cube Test

This video has been going viral on facebook (typical of Buzzfeed vidoes) so I decided to give it a try.

Here is how I answered and fared: (I drew it out to show that I am not fabricating any results)


-Seems like my ego is big, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic!

-Not very open to people

-Very grounded

-Relatively close to friends

-Can be depended by friends for support

-Turns out that I like my relationships to be wild

-I want 5 kids

-And I am thinking of having 5 kids badly!

-Meanwhile, stress is far away………

Hahaha stress is far away? I think I am in self-denial.

Okay that’s all. Go give it a try!