Unofficially Done with School

One more 4000 word essay to go actually. But for that module we didn’t have to write that academically per se so I guess it was kind of a breather from the usual shit essays I had been doing. And due date is end of this month so I guess I can take it slower a little. And for the time being I need to recuperate for all the writing for a while.

I won’t miss this place even though I frequent here the most.


Anyway looking back I have picked up a lot of bad habits this semester. For one, drinking coffee and alcohol. It is still okay to drink coffee because majority of the students do so to stay awake after all the late night mugging and writing essays. But to drink beer while doing assignments…I don’t think anyone would do it! Well, there’s me of course. But I am a weirdo.

Okay second bad habit is my irregular sleep schedule. Basically I am awake during ungodly hours and asleep for the whole morning. My whole sleep cycle got worse during the essay week because there are no lessons the next day. And what’s even better is that I drink coffee at night to stay awake just to produce a few more paragraphs of words.

Third bad habit… I admit that I have not been giving my 110% enthusiasm for my studies which I used to during previous semesters/years. Because since last semester, it dawned on me that at the end of the day, no one is going to give a single fuck about your grades. Even if I want to continue pursuing a MBA, the university looks at work experience instead of grades. Heck, even your employer doesn’t care which honors you fall under unless you want to be a civil service slave. Which I don’t want. 

On the other hand, I saw myself in my year 1 (and 2) days in him… being so concerned about studies and all. Maybe I shouldn’t have bitched so much about school and complained about giving up in front of him, because I don’t want to end up planting all the bad ideas on university education in his mind. I kinda feel bad for not setting an example for him when it comes to studies. But seriously, it is very difficult trying to tide over the semester when you know that your future career is another universe apart.


My latest obsession:


For someone who rarely wore lipstick… this is rather surprising.

To cut the long story short, the Hello Kitty lip gloss comes in a set and it was a gift from my friend whom we met during project reap. She went back to Hong Kong to spend the new year and bought me this. I didn’t use them much with the exception of special occasions or no-sweat-outings.

And then last Saturday when I went back to school to submit my hard copy assignment, I don’t know what was on my mind but I decided to use some of it. The dark red one surprisingly turned out quite nice, to be honest.

And then school that I went to shop around and bought Velourlips. Not sure if it was the color choice. It looked good on my hand but I looked like shite when I applied them fml. And the staying power was so strong wtf.

But anyway that won’t deter me from buying more lipstick though.


Oh wait before I end off, look what I found!

“Write Drunk, Edit Sober”: A guide to final papers and assignments

Under “History paper”, it says you have to “Drink: A beverage appropriate to the topic of your paper. For example: If it’s about Eastern Europe, consider vodka.”

Since my next paper is about Singapore… Singapore Sling?

Whatever it is…the moral of the story is that drinking is justified when you embark on any academic writing.

Okay time to sleep.


Tottenham vs Man Utd!

Done with 1 essay. 3 more to go. This week gonna be hell again with all the tight deadlines. I hope I can survive this.

Anyway I woke up with a hangover I think. Was super listless, lacked concentration and felt fatigued throughout the day. If the Japan history prof asks why the last part of my essay is so poorly written, I will just tell him that I had a hangover and invite him for a couple of beers.

Yes I was out drinking again… and caught the Tottenham vs Man Utd match! Waited so long for this actually.

Shall summarise in point form instead of writing lengthy stories.

-The match delayed for 30 minutes because the Man Utd bus was stuck in a traffic jam. And of course there were jokes flooding social media like these:

UntitledUntitled 2Screenshot_2016-04-11-21-46-42-1Screenshot_2016-04-11-21-46-54-1

Uh wait… how do we “start the game without them”? Subs vs 1st team?

Read more about the traffic jam here:

Well I did got slightly annoyed because I was in the midst of finishing the 4000 word essay but we already left home to watch the telecast so I couldn’t work on it while I was out.

-We caught the match at Tiong Bahru Bar (TBB)… and here is a draft checklist I made while typing this if you want to catch live screenings at bars. Maybe I should escalate this into a full post.

  • High definition TV with huge screen – checked!
  • Alcohol – checked! (But quite pricey for us actually)
  • Food – kitchen was already closed by the time we got here at 11pm. The match was 4pm Brit standard time.
  • Spectator ambience – very quiet leh. There were a few Man Utd fans around as well but they were more of casual watchers than engrossed, agitated fans.
  • Sound system – Oh no. Couldn’t hear any of the commentary at all because the sound system was playing songs like Bad Day/ Where is the Love/ Blank Space etc instead of the match!

Okay I would still settle for it though, since it is better than crappy live streaming.

-First half was a snorefest because… typical. Soccer fans would know that there is a long running joke that Man Utd doesn’t score during the first half because it is their tactic to bore the opponents to sleep before they score. But anyway few times Spurs came closed but missed.


image courtesy: @SpursOfficial

-After the half time, LVG subbed off Rashford to bring on Young as a striker, when Young actually plays as a left/right wing. Anyway he made a whole lot of crazy tactical decisions that no one could ever understand like playing the players out of their position. And after Fosu-Mensah got subbed off due to injury things were pretty much screwed.

-Spurs goals escalated quickly! Madness. But proud of the team!

Untitled 2

-Oh and I forgot to add… The referee is Mike Dean, an alleged Spurs fan. He was caught celebrating when Spurs players scored goals previously, but surprisingly I didn’t see him doing that for this match. Anyway there was one part where Dembele slipped and Mike Dean reached out his hand to help him up. And so it got me retweeting this:


-Around 80 mins or so Depay got into a fight with Walker lol.

-Unfortunately we couldn’t finish watching the match because TBB had to close at 1am according to their operation license agreement, so everyone had to vacate in order not to impose on them.

What it’s 1am already?!

Ah the pain of being an Asian football fan. To catch our favorite team in action we sacrifice our sleep and wake up at 3.45am to watch live matches, or stay up late! But anyway whatever it is, Tottenham won with a clean sheet! Man Utd fans went apeshit on social media once again with all the #LVGOUT and “next time play De Gea as a striker” etc.


Damn it Troll Football, it is EriksEn not Erikson 


From Yid Army 4 Life Facebook 

-It was surprisingly nice to take a stroll at 1am around the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. It is as if the whole world belongs just to you and the someone you ❤

Okay linking back to the beginning of the post… I guess this is how you feel the next day when you get a hangover. But I still love my beers and cocktails (did this edit a few days ago cos I was restless)


Last of all here’s my review of the match!

Man of the Match: The whole Tottenham team/  De Gea, Fosu-Mensah (for being saviours, literally)

Flop of the Match: LVG

Will Tottenham win the title? As a fan I hope they do, obviously.

So done with school. Can’t wait to start working already.

And last of all, everyone should read this:

10 reasons why a girlfriend who loves soccer is the best girlfriend ever


Done with Grade 8!

Done with grade 8 ballet exam. The whole RAD graded syllabus exam was long overdue for me to be honest. If not for the teacher/school hopping in between, succumbing to studies and spending a considerable amount of time doing the vocational syllabus, I would have finished it long ago.

But never mind that because dance is meant to be a journey instead of an end result. And some grades like this usually require the student to have some maturity in order to grasp the essence of it.

Of all the syllabus I did, I enjoyed grade 7 and 8 the most, which is premised upon the Romantic era (Same for grade 6 but the grade didn’t give me that much of an impression). As compared to Classical era ballet, Romantic is characterized by flowery/willow-ly style and supposed to look mystical/unearthly. Classical is about clean lines, precise movements and techniques which I found it really taxing wtf. Not that Romantic ballet would be easier but I like the fact that you can fantasize things.

Grade 7 is based on La Sylphide. The plot is on heartbreak. Basically the sylphs enslave the hearts of mortal men and make them impossible to live happily in the real world.


For grade 8 everything is performed solo apart from the polonaise at the entree and finale so there is considerable room for interpretation of the individual pieces. Of all the dances learnt I liked Danse Russe the most. It is a stately Georgian court dance and supposed to look proud and regal while gliding. What charmed me was the music actually- cos it sounded sad and melancholic.

Unfortunately I never got to do it for exam because my teacher assigned me to do the Mazurka instead because she thought I was able to cope with the faster footwork wtf.

Anyway that being said and since exam is over… what’s next?

Open classes of course.

And RAD intermediate maybe? I did the whole syllabus but didn’t do the exam so it isn’t nice to just leave it hanging just like that.

Okay time to concentrate on graduating first. And right now this post below is totally relatable:

24 Signs You Just Can’t Handle Any More Uni Essays

How did I become an overnight alcoholic?


I salvaged leftover Beer Lao from my project mate after our Southeast asian history presentation!

Our project theme is on foreign influences on Southeast Asian food. We conveniently excluded Thailand from our presentation on the basis that it wasn’t colonised. Both of us did the area on Indochina because the artificial entity is too big and diverse. And as discussed as a group we have to bring some local food together with foreigner-introduced cuisines, so I bought banh mi and rice vermicelli from Wrap and Roll which was conveniently located at Kent Ridge Mrt while she got the beer and unopened coffee lol.

Back to the main story. Technically we weren’t supposed to consume alcohol on school premises, but since this was done behind closed doors and no one drank a whole can/bottle (One of our group mate brought Myanmar beer)… so no one gets hurt yeah? And I only drank the rest (3/4 of the bottle) once I got home so I wasn’t drinking on campus. I mean come on… this photo was taken at home before consumption. Why would I bring back an empty bottle just to take a photo of it?

Anyway I found the aftertaste of Lao Beer quite bitter, as compared to Myanmar beer which was sweeter.


Oh no. From some one who hated drinking… I have became an alcoholic, quite overnight too! How on earth did it start? I did pick up a San Miguel during the orientation party (around 1st week of the project) at Pinoyland, but I don’t recall drinking more than that. Then during the 3rd week (If my memory didn’t fail me) I was drinking Red Horse at Palawan. And when we came back it escalated to more Red Horse, Asahi, Sapporo and Tequila shots. And when we came back to Singapore…hahaha more beers and cocktails.

Observing our module mates’ reactions to Laos Beer was quite intriguing, from the perspective of an alcoholic. We served the beers using the sample size cups for foods like yoghurt/icecream. Some came back for more and jokingly volunteered to finish the bottle. Some drank a sip and got turned off maybe because they don’t drink, and asked others to help them finish. Some said they don’t drink so they totally abstained from trying the beer. Some just tried for the taste.

At the end of the day I think I am the most alcoholic of them all because I bottled the remaining beer home and consumed it with the banh mi (after heating the baguette up of course). Don’t waste food you know. Okay I could have given it to someone else to finish but the inner alcoholic in me said no.

My my my. Oh dear.

Book Review: The Right to Differ

Trigger warning: Parody.

This is the book I am currently reading.


As someone who doesn’t give a shit about Malaysia history and politics, the book was a snorefest.

Don’t ask me why I put myself through the torture of reading something that doesn’t interest me. I generally bo chap the life and career of politicians one. But for the sake of some module I had to do it.

Anyway what I thought was commendable was that Ooi framed the biography his interview questions, and left it there (presumably unedited) for the reader in the book. And then he also inserted wholesale some press statements, speeches, newspaper articles, etc etc documents related to Lim at the end of each chapter.

Walao eh. If only I can do that for my term papers to fulfill the word count.

And that’s it for my review. I don’t care if you want to come up with some scholarship-type review of it, or any opinion that sounds politically pleasing to academia, or even criticising my review for simply being so unprofessional.

After all, I have the right to differ.