Nothing but Irritated

This week has been shite. I am glad it is the start of recess week this upcoming Monday. But that means 1 week of rushing assignments and another 6 weeks of being an essay machine.

And of course, the more pertinent issue- job hunting, making future plans after graduation.

Yeah I considered many things. Listed some possible scenarios. Got onto the first step.

At first I was job hunting. Short-listed quite a number of F&B companies actually.

But after that I heard from my cousin mention that it is better to do a Masters straight after graduation so that one won’t feel the “studying momentum” gone. (There is this theory saying that once you step into the workforce, it is difficult for your mind to orientate back to academic rigor).

So I thought “Hey maybe I should get an MBA immediately before I can’t cope. Something related to F&B.”

The MBA-Masters in Tourism & Hospitality (Joint Degree) by James Cook University made it into my shortlist. But after scheduling an appointment with the admissions office to inquire more, it is more advisable for me to work for a few years first before deciding again whether I should embark on a MBA. I guess I was looking too ahead into things.Or too easily swayed by opinion, for that matter. So I was back to job-hunting again.

And then… Week 6 of the semester came. Quite a packed week for submissions. And then I got a panic attack for one module because I have no idea how to go about for the assignment. The module mates set the standard so high in their papers and presentation and I freaked out. Even contemplated about withdrawing from the module and told some others about my decision.

Turns out that I was acting too impulsively under stress. Which I admit is a really unhealthy thing because I am in the danger of carrying over this mindset in the workplace. It is back to square 1 again.

My head fucking hurts out of all things stress, annoyance and lack of sleep. I want to hide in a cave for the rest of my life.

My plans are bursting like bubbles. Bubbles are meant to be popped. 


Elemen Restaurant Review

Disclaimer: NOT sponsored post!

My goodness. It’s already the 2nd week of February. Where has all the f-ing time gone!

I am supposed to be rushing my assignments but decided to update my blog instead.

So much stuff happened there in Philippines but honestly I couldn’t be bothered to properly blog about it. I haven’t even upload the photos onto Facebook. Guess that’s not gonna happen anymore woops.

Anyway my aunt and I ate at this restaurant called Elemen at Millenia Walk TWICE IN A WEEK! It happened that she signed up for restaurant membership and go entitled to 2 15% off vouchers. We used one on my first visit (31 Jan. The family went there when I was away) and she was informed that the 2nd voucher will expire on 5 Feb so we went there for a 2nd helping on the same week.

Guess what that means? Meat free, guiltless vegetarian food! (Although I did feel guilty for the wallet).

We settled for the 8 course meal each which cost $32.80++ per pax. Apart from the appetizer, diners can select one dish from the rest of the categories on the menu. Best is to order different goodies so that you can sample the rest. I will just lump all the dishes we tried from the 2 visits to prevent confusion.

The in-house appetizers! Was told by the waiter to eat them from right to left (front to back for the case of this pic). Honestly I have never received directions on how to eat appetizers hahaha. Anyway first up is cucumber with mashed potato, followed by a black sesame tofu, and lastly cherry tomato. I particularly liked the tofu and sauce because of the pairing.


Breadstick with raspberry sauce. Initially I thought it was strawberry because of its characteristic pink color but close enough!


Next is the salad- Had the mushroom, avocado and quinoa salads.

The mushrooms were freaking juicy omg! For the avocado and quinoa, the crunchy texture was just right.



After that comes the soup, available in western and chinese kinds. They come with apple cider to facilitate digestion (and to prepare your stomach for more goodness later).

The first time we had Double Boiled Maca Soup and Cream of Pumpkin soup. Maca is a superfood which helps to increase your strength, energy and endurance and it contains 5x more protein and 4x more fibre than potato (lol I learnt this through an online course by Health Sciences Academy).

2nd visit was Double boiled Burdock root with Monk Fruit Soup and Truffle Oil Mushroom Soup. Burdock roots purify the blood, help in digestive health, and are anti-oxidants, while Monk fruits are zero-calorie artificial sweeteners. The smell from the truffle oil was quite strong because I could even smell it while it was on the way to the table.

Main course! They are western, chinese and japanese options to choose from so here’s what we got:

Tempura Tofu with Strawberry Rice Rolls, and Oven baked Mountain Yam. Kudos for the dish presentation for the sushi and it was good as well, although I couldn’t really detect the strawberry taste. The oven baked dish came with some goodness as well- water chestnuts and walnuts. But after a few bites the baked cheese got kinda overwhelming for me.

For the 2nd visit we had Avocado Roll and Braised Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice served on Hot Stone. I am loving the tempura crunch in the roll! The rice came still sizzling and piping hot. The combination of ingredients is really quirky- fried rice with green apple, pumpkin and mushroom. Have never tried main dishes with apples in it before.

Lastly… time for yummy yummy! Dessert comes with dessert and drinks. I wonder why drinks are served last though.

Had Osmanthus flower with jelly, and Panna Cotta with Raspberry sauce. Surprisingly they aren’t too sweet nor heavily-textured which was perfect. Drinks wise we had Grapefruit Mojito (I don’t think it contains alcohol lah haha) and Passion Fruit tea.


2nd round was Chocolate Lava cake with Gelato and Chilled Coconut Puree. The cake totally bought me over cos the lava was runny. The coconut puree didn’t give me that much of an impression because I am not a fan of all things coconut but we just tried it for the taste.

In summary…

Ambiance- Very zen and calming interior, without trying too hard to be minimalist.

Service- Quite efficient order-taking system, waiting time in-between dishes was just nice. The staff informed my aunt that her voucher is near expiry date, and he could even remember us when we came back for the subsequent visit, which was quite impressive given that you have to deal with so many customers every day.

Taste- For people like me who needs to have her daily dosage of meat, Elemen is a refreshing switch to the vegetarian palate. The food is wholesome and hearty so it was quite a filling meal.

Dish aesthetics-I have never seen food presentation so exquisite before, especially for the appetizer which wowed me over. Great for food porners.

Price- Hahahaha it was on the high side for students like me but for everything mentioned above, it was worth it. In fact the a la carte meals would be comparatively more pricey than the 8 course meal.

3rd visit? Maybe when they introduce new revolutionary gastronomical dishes into the menu then that would call for a 3rd visit because I have mostly tried a bit of everything already.