Villager: How can we find a samurai we can pay with only rice?

Gisaku: Find hungry samurai.

-Seven Samurai (1954), dir. Akira Kurosawa

Sorry for the dearth of updates. I came back from pinoyland about 2 weeks ago and Singaporean life forced me to jump straight into the rhythm of reality.

If AIESEC promotes their international projects as a life-changing experience, they certainly got it right. It got me thinking about my future, what kind of inroads I want to explore, and how I want to live my life. Basically I am going through an identity crisis now.

I can’t change much about my academic life because I am down to my final semester and still suffering from college fatigue. But it is definitely time to look into the future. As much as I have worked before, the whole thought of job-hunting again, the wait, and the worry of securing a career before I graduate, just freaking scares me.

People are hungry. Hungry for success, hungry for opportunities, hungry for recognition.

But how certain is it that there will be enough food to feed the hungry?


Day 31

If he sees the beauty in you and still likes you after seeing your weird facial expressions, your unusual laugh, your constant bitching, your ugly days, your pig out days, your stupid jokes, the way you ask questions about things you should already know but he still answers them anyways, your obsession with strange things, your random comments, and your immaturity. Then you already know he is the guy.