One Week Left

I have decided not to tender my resignation in the end.

I feel like a chicken now because after all I published my decision but decided to back out.

Given that the job market is really bleak for fresh graduates now, I shouldn’t be so rash and resign in a huff. Even if I am not contributing as much as before, being able to keep my position there is still a privilege (and partly due to the beauty of part-time jobs). I probably have to re-adjust my gear and mindset in order to reap what is in-store for me. I realised the need to stay for the time being. Instead of running away on the moment of impulsiveness because I feel as though I couldn’t achieve anything, I have to stay for my future.

Anyway I haven’t been progressing much for my exam revision lol. Work, Aiesec and soccer banter/team news kept my mind occupied. Furthermore pre-travel anxiety has started to set in, especially when I have to halt my commitments and embark on a journey which I don’t know how it would unfold eventually. To think that at this time, next week, I would be in Philippines, bunking in and working with people whom I have never (or met once) in my life – it seems to have come too soon, and I feel unprepared.

Some updates before I go back to revising because the previous posts were filled with grungy content.

1. My 5 year old Asus laptop crashed in October while I was sitting for my skype interview for Project REAP in Philippines. I turned up the speakers to maximum volume because the other party couldn’t hear me. Suddenly the screen went black and an error message came out with a really loud sound. Couldn’t make sense of what’s on the screen cos the sound was too annoying that I had to switch it off. Brought my laptop to the hospital, the counter guy said there was no guarantee it could be repaired because it is an old model and the spare parts could be out of production.

Now that I am going to Philippines, I guess the crash was worth it somehow. The only thing I was annoyed with was that I couldn’t recover the hacked version of Photoshop which my ex-colleague installed for me.

So here’s my new laptop with tattoos. More stickers to come but I haven’t decided which designs to customise yet. The sticker of the dude holding the tray is from Maki-San.


2. One of the biggest challenges this semester was the assignment for the Environmental History module. Had to do a presentation for our topic for 15mins with a handout, without the aid of powerpoint, and produce a 4000 word paper. What the f***, 4000 words?!

Anyway I did a paper on the interactions between Singaporeans and wild boars. Yeah the process was hellish enough said. Luckily I decided not to do a thesis or independent study module.

Got a hell of a surprise when I got my paper back. #humblebrag


3. Since I have been keeping up with premier league soccer for a while now, I have found a club / a club found me to support.

HERE IT IS! (Okay there is this facebook feature on some clubs’ official pages that allows you to personalise your profile pic…and so I did.)


*Anticipating gooners going apeshit but I don’t care*

And no, I didn’t get a hp laptop because hp sponsored the Spurs kit a few years back. I was looking for an asus laptop but the hp one was a better deal.

Ok back to studying and yet another hell week.

P.S this is soccer related because I just have to embed the videos here.
Ended up in a goalless draw against Chelshit today. Honestly I expected them to score but I will take the 1 point because of the clean sheet, they took a 6000mile round trip on Thurs for Europa in Azerbaijan, and Chelshit parked the bus so they played against 10 defenders lol.

But anyway Chelshit is entertaining to watch as usual. I mean it in a comic relief way.

Man of the match: Cesc Fàbregas

Man of the bench: Cunt Costa




Pray for Humanity

One Paris Attack and the world loses its mind.

In the meantime, hundreds of innocent civilians in countries like Syria, Lebanon, Gaza lose their lives everyday. Yet the world is silent and these attacks go unmentioned. 

It is more than Praying for Paris. Pray for Humanity instead.

RIP to those who died in the Paris Attack. RIP to those who were killed but forgotten.


I guess it’s time to say goodbye

I have made up my mind to resign my part time job by the end of this month.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my job and even converted my internship into part-time. It was my first taste of the Food & Beverage industry and it taught me how to appreciate the beauty of it. I am not giving politically correct answers here- I have already decided to walk the career path of F&B when I graduate, unlike my cohort mates who chose the conventional route of public service or heritage institutions.

I joined the company during the summer because I was initially slated to embark for my AIESEC exchange in India. But unfortunately my dad wasn’t in the best of health at that time and my mum flipped when I told her about the programme.

So I decided to fulfill my journey by the end of this year, and this time I will be going to Philippines to teach the locals food nutrition and urban farming, and participate in feeding programmes. Basically something like growing, preparing and eating your own food and how to lead a healthy lifestyle through the dimension of food. Will be spending 6 weeks there from 6 Dec to 17 Jan (will miss 1 week of school but no f***s given).

It doesn’t make sense to halt my current job, fly overseas and then return again. Try conceptualising 6 weeks of work in dollars and cents for a F&B company, especially when the timing coincides with Christmas and New Year. Who on earth in the working world would take a 6 week leave? I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to send an out of office message saying that I am involved in an overseas internship either.

Furthermore I haven’t been contributing quite as often now as before because I have been bogged down by my assignments (just submitted a 4000 word paper today and I still have another submission to go). Life still goes on for everyone anyway.

I am thankful for my colleagues who shared my responsibilites and kept the work going when I was unable to help. But all good things have to come to an end.

Thank you for the opportunities and the memories. Since I will lurk in the same industry when I start working, I believe there will be chances to meet each other again.

Tentative timetable next semester:
Tue: Either 9 to 12 or 2 to 5. Still deciding between Japanese history or southeast asia empires.
Wed: 9 to 12. Asian business history
Thurs: 1 to 4. Culture and Literature of southeast asia
Fri: 9 to 12. Biography

Arugh 1 more semester to go.

Drugged with Soccer

It has been a few weeks since my friend introduced me to the soccer fandom and I am still addicted. I guess this would be a lifetime drug in time to come.

Watched Chelsea vs Liverpool at Molly Roffey yesterday. Molly Roffey is home to the Arsenal fanbase here but Arsenal fans hate Chelsea and the pub was filled anyway.

The first epic moment came when at 47mins when Coutinho from Liverpool scored against Chelsea and both sides equalised into a draw. The crowd at Molly went wild.

The highlight came when when Liverpool delivered 2 more goals by Coutinho and Benteke in the second half. Everyone (apart from any Chelsea supporters there) went berserk. Some even started singing stuff like “Stamford Bridge is falling down” and “Is there a fire drill” (cos the camera filmed Chelsea fans leaving the stadium when the match haven’t ended).

My first time witnessing such intense fan hate towards a rival club. The experience at Harry’s was much milder. I can’t imagine the atmosphere at Molly when Chelsea played against Arsenal. Maybe some fans got so enraged that they threw veggies at the projector screen whenever the camera was on Diego Costa or Mike Dean. #justsaying

Chelsea hasn’t been doing well this season and Mourinho’s attitude doesn’t make him worthy of respect most of the time. But to be honest I felt a bit bad for them for their fall from grace and how disliked they are by the internet and even by their own fans.

Anyway Chelsea’s situation is perfectly summed up by 442oons here. The channel consists of a 1 man team who makes great parodies (with more attention given to the top 4 EPL clubs) and my day is complete everytime when youtube sends a notification to inform that their have a new video posted.


Have no idea why the Sunderland manager looks like that though.


In other news… I have 2 more papers due but I can’t be bothered to start. If there is something called college fatigue, it really exists. Throughout this semester I have been dreading assignments and have been pushing them to the last minute. I have no idea what’s msking me procrastinate. Maybe the pain in the ass word count, maybe the mind block, or maybe my fussy habit with writing. Ever since I started working part time, it is like a universe apart from the sheltered environment in school, especially when I am looking at an industry so different from my other classmates.

I still have one more semester to go and I can’t stand school anymore.