Life goes on

2013- 8 of us celebrated at Manhattan Fish Market.  Nearing the end of the dinner a slice of chocolate cake with a lighted candle was brought out for the both September babies. 

2014- 7 of us celebrated at Food for Thought at National Museum. Conincidentally it was also where we did our first assignment for the summer semester. Went to Ji De Chi for Hong Kong style dessert after that.

2015- It’s the 2 of us this year. Everyone has gone on writing their own stories. We watched the match between Arsenal against Chelsea at Harry’s. It’s my first time watching a live telecast of Barclays Premier League and I don’t pledge allegiance to any football club. Apparently most of the customers there happened to be Arsenal fans. It was quite an “imagined community” experience.


Happy 22nd to myself (6 days late).

Life still goes on.

P.S People like Diego Costa should vanish from the soccer field.