Society Killed the Teenager

You don’t know pain

until you are staring at a mirror,

tears streaming down your face,

hair in your eyes,

shaking uncontrollably.

And you are begging yourself

to stay strong.

To not give up.

Have you ever begged yourself?


AKBingo Gone Viral!

Anyone saw this video yet?


Thanks to Paz, those 11 seconds of AKBingo episode 337 just went viral.

And like any source taken out from its original context, erroneous interpretations will surface. I just had to insert this historian jargon because the situation really calls for it.

Most comments flooding the post and reposts broadly fall under the categories of “Eeeew”/”Disgusting”, “Japanese are weird”, “WTF (Did I just watch)?!?!?!”, “OMG SHE ATE THE COCKROACH!” and some sexual references. In all honesty, I thought those overreactions from the internet community were funny, especially all the meme comments.

Anyway since this video got misunderstood, I should probably clear the air a bit (and hope that this post would be read).

1. That bug is not a cockroach. It is a cicada. A cooked one. The annotations even state that cicadas are a cuisine.


2. The video is one of the punishments for Muchaburi Dodgeball, which is a popular segment of AKBingo. Basically members who got hit by the ball have to do a forfeit as indicated on the ball. Eating cooked insects is actually a common forfeit of the show.

3. As much as most comments term it as “sick” and “weird”, cooked insects are a delicacy in many countries around the world. Would you consider their insect dishes to be disgusting and bizarre if that’s the case? Go google “Entomophagy” before forming your opinions.

4. Fear Factor uses live insects and contestants have to swallow them whole or soak in a whole tub of bugs. This video only involved 1 dead bug that has been disinfected and cooked thoroughly. Seriously I don’t understand why people are overreacting when there are times when reality shows employs insects to even more extreme levels.


In conclusion, before you label the cicada as a cockroach, I advise that you do your research properly. Like watching AKBingo episode 337 on youtube for a start. No subtitles yet but actions speak louder than words. Alternatively you can go to the stage48 forum and read up on AKBingo. You are welcome.