Words I Hate

Words, Phrases, Sentences.

Just like water, words are indispensable to civilisation. They are the avenues of communication and expression that have evolved with mankind over centuries. The composition of words into sentences, paragraphs and eventually a message, convey our sentiments which we want to convey to the other party.

In life, we are constantly surrounded by words. They unconsciously shape your mind and your outlook on life. Some words are comforters. They provide you with a sense of assurance while you are hitting a rough patch in life. Sometimes I tend to tear up while reading encouragements sent by friends, because these words help to soothe my troubled mind. Some words make you happy- think chocolate, dessert, or even a praise.

Conversely, there are words that undermine your confidence and make you feel annoyed, depressed or fearful. Have you ever been affected by these category of words in your life that you detest them? What are some words that push you to a step closer to negativity? Here’s a list of 5 words I dislike (it has been a long time since I last made a list, so why not?)



As someone filled with aspiration and looking forward to work with your dream company or project, it is painful to have your hopes being dashed. The same feeling of pain also applies when you did your best to fit in into a group of friends, but they treat you like a social outcast to no avail. Even though the saying goes “When one door closes, another door opens”, I hate the feeling of uncertainty and how my confidence has diminished upon knowing that I am never as outstanding as compared to others who were selected for the position.



“Unfortunately” does spell bad news, doesn’t it? This is the word I dread most, especially when receiving a reply from an application outcome. The impact is way worse concerning issues related to life and death. Imagine how hopeful you were, before being struck with a serious blow by the hard truth. Eeeew. Just disappear from the dictionary already!



“Sick” is sickening and sickeningly overused during many sick situations. Apart from it being cliche, the word gives me stress, especially trying to think straight while I am having a fever, or under drowsy medication to fight the bacteria. If you were to read my previous entry, I had to face a lot of struggle giving up my dream because someone in the family is sick. At present my hunt for a local internship isn’t going well (which sort of explains my reasons for the previous 2 words).



This doesn’t need much explanation if you are a student, or were a student once! Who likes to study for the sake of grades and write essays at the speed of running away from a tiger? The worst thing is the moment of panic when you get stunned by a question and you have no idea how to answer(but you still have to write something).




Again, another word that conjures up a world of fear and all things negative. While nightmares happen in your dream, having them occur in reality is a total nightmare in itself. How do you pluck up your courage to face the world with a smile, even though things are not going smooth for you?

According to the old adage, “Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

Really? I doubt so. Some words pull people down and hurt esteem. They can tarnish images if they are not carefully used, especially in the social media world keyboard warriors do not think rationally. Instead, “The pen is mightier than the sword” should be a more appropriate description!

Okay ending off here cos I have to catch up with my revision.



Hi world, it’s been a while! It is week 14 now in the semester and my 1st paper is this Saturday. The past few weeks had been shitty tough. Apart from the mad rush to complete term papers, I also had to deal with family issues. Where should I even begin…

I have been accepted by AIESEC Delhi University for an internship at India to help children with cancer. Coincidentally at that period of time my dad was also hit with health issues (again). Apparently the medical examination he did revealed that there is a growth in his lung so there is a need to get it removed. But his health wasn’t in the best condition to go through surgery so he decided to delay it, much to the doctor’s displeasure. So upon hearing the news of me going to India, many people in the family (okay I included relatives) voiced their objections, ranging from safety issues to not making my mum worried since there is already a burden in the family now.

2015-04-17 16.02.51

Imagine my disappointment when I had to give up the opportunity, but family comes first. I have to start from scratch again sourcing for a local internship. From last Friday till now I have yet to receive a reply from the companies I applied to. I am very stressed up and worried while typing this because I don’t want to waste away my 3 month break.

Anyway I fell sick about 1 month ago as well. Fever, throat infection and flu. Fever subsided but came back again after a few days because I was out in the sun doing field visits for my assignments. Throat infection and flu lasted for 2 weeks which coincided with my ballet exam. Such luck wow. The cough medicine especially made me drowsy so I gave up consuming it after 2/3 of a bottle (while still having cough) because I cannot afford to fall asleep when deadlines are so tight.

2015-04-05 12.15.34

Yeah I guess that’s all I have to update for now. Not in very good shape as you can see. Back to studying.