Eeeek!/Tiong Bahru photo update

6 more days to exam!

Using the cliche again, time flies! Will be in my 3rd year this coming Aug (Not sure if that will be my final year though). It feels like I just came back from my cruise holiday not long ago.

Anyway I am resisting the urge to read Lord of the Rings. Actually I bought the book donkey years back but I never made it past 10 pages because I got lost with the English. And to be honest I am the kind of person who watches the movie before reading the book. Somehow it helps me to visualise the imagery, although there will be people saying how the book is better than the movie and other rubbish.

In addition I wasnt that into LOTR until MK posted the MBTI of the characters on FB. The only character I knew before I got entangled in the fandom was this blonde guy with long hair, because my former piano teacher has pictures of him stuck on the studio wall. No prizes for guessing who he is!

Okay random photo update because I will only return until exams are over.


Went to hunt for wall murals around Tiong Bahru last Sunday. These larger than life animals are drawn by Ernest Goh in conjunction with the Penang Tiong Bahru Festival. Reminds me of the Penang Festival where we also saw the works of Ernest Zacharevic painted around the streets of Georgetown. Actually Zacharevic did draw some murals in Singapore and I only saw the girl one.

On a side note both artists are named Ernest!  Co-incidental much!

Anyway for those interested in the hunt, there are 5 murals in total. Some are located quite prominently while others you gonna search in the alleyways.


A random bird cage at Tiong Bahru bird corner where a bird singing competition is on-going. The competition does bring back memories among former bird keepers, but I feel that reviving such tradition sounds like a faux. I dont know how to describe it, just that some past elements are no longer present in an organised environment. Lost in history, I would put it.


My new preciouses! (Gollum reference). I bought the black one initially although all look pretty. In the end I returned to the shop a day later and bought the other 2. When you have a hard time deciding which design to get, buy one of each design is available!


Snapped this at someone’s back door while hunting for the murals. Because using flower pots to grow plants is too mainstream.

Okay ending off here!



My eye is attacked with a stye again! Proof below!

2014-04-08 22.44.07

While doing my chinese cinema paper I fell in love with this XinYao (新谣) song called Encounter (邂逅). It is composed and sung by Eric Moo and Huang Hui Zhen when they are about 17/18 years of age. I love its innocent poetic quality and how it reflects one desire for time to stop moving.

Anyway good stuff need to be shared. Presenting the original 1984 version.

入暮的山途独有我彳亍          At dusk, I walk in solitude along the mountain tracks
落红铿然显凄清                       The crimson evening sun adds to my sorrow
低吟起那幽阴的歌                   As I lowly hum an enchanting song
歌声抖出了萧索                       Its tunes exude my desolation
歌韵隐隐飘荡入我波心          These tunes have gently flowed into my heart
牵引我山游觅觅寻                   They lead me to the mountains in search
邂逅你炯莹的星眸                   of the chance encounter when I met you glistening eyes
颤动我翩翩入梦                       move me now into my dreams

恒古隽永美丽的神话              Could it be that a beautiful and everlasting myth
莫非已降临此刹那                   is happening right now?
默望长空我深深祈祷               In my silent gaze at the sky I pray
愿刹那化永恒典雅                   That the beauty of this moment will be eternal

Only one ballet lesson this week cos the other one took a break before relocating. Which means my weekends are FREE! Nah it’s time to play catch up. Pffffft. Anyway the flower photo is taken at Spooner Road. Was there for the quarterly food distribution event.

2014-04-06 13.44.02

Havent been to SPCA for nearly 2 months! I wonder how the animals are doing.


3 more papers to hand up

I am dying

I am tired

I am losing focus

I am collapsing

My stamina is running low

My fuel is running out

I feel like giving up

I feel like crying

Dear time

Please stop and never move again

Let me live in my false sense of security

Because I am too afraid of reality and the future.

Gothic Girl on Tower

Apologies for being so depressing. Things are just upsetting when I am upset.