My Cold Turkey Experience

I am on a cold turkey treatment to kick my addiction for AKBingo! 2 weeks ago I was going about 20 episodes a day on youtube, each episode lasting about 20mins (the uploader cut the performance part).

The fandom started when I discovered Frankenstien idol Aimi Eguchi while surfing the net. A bit behind the times since that was in 2011 and she ‘graduated’ in 2013.

So I watched from episode 1 right up to 112. Couldnt find some of the episodes on youtube and watched from dailymotion. After that sidetracked so watched the previous 2 seasons!! Holy shit watching variety shows filmed 6 years ago. My life is so wrong.

I started getting worried when the gek2047 prof asked who watched Hero and Wang FeiHong. I did watch Hero, but several years back when it was aired on tv. Then I underwent a revelation and figured out that I cant escape by reading the readings, and how behind schedule I was. But I ended up watching AKBingo again when I got home WTF.

Operation was a success, hopefully this post can be an inspiration to anyone who are also trying cold turkey. Let me document my 7 day experience here.

Day 1-Saturday, 15 March
First day without AKBingo. Couldnt help but to look at #akb48 on instagram and all the members’ birthdays (ex-members and sister groups included) on wikia. Okay so 2 of them share the same bday as me but I dont know who they are. Went for ballet, finished revision and a few readings.

Day 2- Sunday, 16 March
Cut down on looking at #akb48. Read what wrote about them though. Sarcasm much. Went for ballet, watched In the Heat of the Sun for Gek2047 (yay), napped for a while, revision.

Day 3- Monday 17 March
Lesson from 12-6. Finished hy2254. Helped friend vet his essay and settled financial aid paperwork. Feeling so occupied that I dont have time to look at any Akb48 related news.

Day 4- Tuesday 18 March
Stress level today at its highest. Okay I did surf the net a while reading what other netizens remarked about their oshimens. Damn happy to find Japan Penguin blogging about my oshimen (cos my oshimen isnt as well-known as compared to the media senbatsu/kami7). Finished philo assignment after some brain wrecking moments.

Day 5- Wednesday 19 March
Came home late cos of CCA stuff as we gave out the club shirts after class. Missed the 8pm documentary on Channel Newsasia as a result. Grrrr.

Day 6- Thursday 20 March
Woohoo proud of myself surviving 6 consecutive days of no AKBingo. Saw youtube giving AKBingo suggestions but resisted the temptation to click on it.

Day 7-Friday 21 March
Went to drink coffee with prof (actually just consultation for term paper lah). Slept very little yesterday as I was deciding on my term paper topic. Worked on paper for a while. Napped, went for ballet, really tired now. No mood for anything.


Cold turkey is always difficult, but as per Nike saying “Impossible is nothing”. If you cant help it, divert your attention to something more productive, like learn Japanese. You will never know when they will come in handy. Or maybe watch a documentary/travel show related to Japan to satisfy your wanderlust, or impress others with your new found knowledge. Or to sound more extreme, worry yourself with upcoming deadlines and start regretting and feeling guilty for wasting time.

Oh ya my oshimen graduated last year 😦

P.S MH370 where art thou?!?!


PPS. Lack of photo updates and I havent been to the shelter for ages. Wonder how Lucius and Mr Sieg Heil are doing. But life still goes on for them all the same. Eat, sleep, shit, lepak.



“Let’s meet up on a weekend so that everyone can make it”
“Our next community service operation is on xx Apr (Sunday)”
“We will probably fix it on a Sunday”
“Your recital is next Sunday!”

Me: Sorry I cant make it. I have dance. (Well except for the recital cos the date was long decided beforehand)

That’s the story of my life. Sacrificing 3 days of the week going for lessons, with the hope that my teachers put in my name for the IF vocational exams this coming Sept. And will be picking up the graded syllabus again in Apr after their exam ends.

Uncertain results await. I just hope my decision will not be another mistake. I have been missing out a lot on life and I dont want to end up in regrets again.

Havent put a photo for ages so here is a bowl of porridge for your visual pleasure.


Right now what I want to do is to spend a lazy afternoon in the neighbourhood cafe-hopping and snapping pictures. Wonder when that day will come.


5 hours of sleep, SPCA shelter duty, rushing term paper, ballet lesson, QHS meeting and a cup of green tea latte to tank it all.


Oh gawd its March already and starting school felt like yesterday.

UPDATE 4/3/14: I am down with flu! Throat ached so much in the morning. Feeling woozy from the medication. Somemore the doc said it wont cause drowsiness but half of the medication I got will cause it. No informed consent for patient hmph. Hopefully I can recover by Friday.