Confused Confucians, SPCA and reunion

Another late update, but at least it shows that I survived valentine’s day and didnt die (literally) of forever alone-ness. But since now it is the high season of assignments, my mind doesnt have space to harbour such forever-alone thoughts.

Had a philosophy blunder yesterday. I couldnt understand the prof’s question directed at me. It was something along the lines of one has to reach the level of Confucius (e.g sophisticated, cultivated, cultured) in order to understand ZhuangZi’s writings of nature. Somehow, I managed to relate the explanation to the various stages of Communism. Marx garners that one society must progress from capitalism to socialism and finally communism, where the state becomes non-existent. Similarly, one has to reach the level of Confucius before progressing into reading about nature. I mean, culture is a constructed thing, so probably one has to get through this artificial stage before reaching the final stage of nature. Going back to Communist terms, isnt a non-existent state a return to nature again? 




Credit: mockingwords.blogspot,com

This is what happens when a blur history student takes a philosophy module. Anyway he sounded displeased with my imagination, but whatever. This Confucian thing is confusing me.

Intended to log into the system to drop the module that night but decided to wait for my assignments to come back. Got them back today and they were better than I expected. So now on the scale of “drop and dont drop” (where 10 means drop and 1 means dont) the needle is pointing to “dont drop”, at 2.


Onto another topic it seems like I havent updated about the shelter cats for quite a while. Many of them got adopted including some nearly to be permanent residents- Fat Mr Dice, Bonzer, Pete, JoJo, noisy Apun, the super good-natured Diego and Hanna the tortoiseshell. When I went there last Tues the cats section was so empty that the spare cages were freed up to serve as another storey for the cats to climb about.

Anyway a class of NP students helped to clean the shelter as part of their service learning and a few guys helped to clean the rabbits section. They communicated teamwork through a very teenager style (technically speaking I should be falling into the adult category now). Cant remember what were the exact words but it reminded me of problem solving through team effort in sec school and JC. I could sense this vibrant class spirit as everyone carried out their duties with enthusiasm. I am missing this feeling badly as I havent been in a proper class setting since forever.

Meanwhile, Lucius is probably wondering when he can find a home soon. He still doesnt like being touched, probably because of some bad experiences with hands.

2014-02-11 10.51.02

Here is the sweet pretty Laurel (has been in the shelter for quite a while already but havent introduced her on this blog yet). Played with her using this dragonfly on a string toy few weeks ago and she went crazy

2014-02-11 11.01.42

Bazooka looking very receptive to the camera

2014-02-11 10.56.41


Mac watching the world go by. Got scratched by him a few weeks back and the 2 scar marks are becoming a tattoo on my skin. Dont think he likes to be touched either.

2014-02-11 11.01.20


And lastly a bunny who looks as though he/she is zoning out from a boring philosophy lecture

2014-02-11 10.52.48





Congratulations, you have made it to the last segment of the seemingly exciting but actually boring update!

Last Saturday morning when I stepped into the studio I met my former ballet teacher who  retired while I was at another studio. To cut the long story short part of the reason why I returned to the former studio is because she has retired and there would be no one scolding me everytime. By scold I really mean shouting at the student and losing your temper. At that time I was fearful of attending lessons because of the embarrassment and screwing up in front of everyone. Anyway her student (the current teacher) knows me when I was quite young so it was easy to come back.

To be honest I felt really overwhelmed when I saw her. I cant find the appropriate words to describe how it feels. But to picture it cinematically, just think of how a lost disciple reunites with his master (师父 ) after roaming outside for so many years. LOL

Anyway most of the time she was more of catching up with my teacher after looking at us do 1 or 2 of the barrework and giving pointers sporadically. To be honest I was kinda annoyed about multi-tasking and divided attention, although in the past I would be more than happy if that happens since I can escape with mistakes (provided if she didnt see it). And when she made a move I thought “awww you are leaving already?”

Maybe maturity is an asset for me when it comes to dancing. Dance everything, including the most basic/mundane barrework exercise.

So here is a drawing by Degas to end off the segment


Okay now back to reality. I guess I should stop daydreaming about dance and cats so often.



End of a busy week with majority days of consecutive lessons and rushing from one lesson venue to another. Still relatively okay with tutorial so far, managed to raise some points in classes of quite many people, as compared to last semester where I felt constipated to speak up.

But anyway, I did not include the philo tutorial mod because I am so lost since the 1st lecture! Being cross listed with the general education module I thought it would be more easy to understand for the benefit of non-philo students but HELL NO. Looking back at least that architecture module was not as bad as this. I have a few more weeks before I drop it with a W grade and go for summer school again. Well it is better than an F or dying during the exam anyway.

Watched A Touch of Zen for a film studies tutorial, the ending is too philosophical to understand, especially if one is not a buddhist. Personally I wasnt very happy with the cinematography of the ending. So both Yang HuiZhen and General Shi were walking towards the  top of the hill where Abbott Hui Yuan is standing. Apparently they were exhausted from battling the guards who were out to catch them (because they are innocent political fugitives). The movie shows that Yang managed to climb up to the hill looking relatively fine, just that she collapsed at the end when she made it, while General Shi  fell to the ground twice as he makes his way. I felt that Yang should be the one falling to the ground on her way there. Got symbolic meaning behind it okay. Because Yang decided to avenge her father’s death and became a nun to fulfil her karmic destiny, the falls on the way to the hill are to show her struggles throughout this journey, that she is bounded by problems social realities, before she sees the end result of Abbott Hui Yuan achieving enlightenment. If I were the one filming I would swop both roles around. 

Okay movie poster for your reference.


Wondering if I should post this in the discussion forum. But that would be a bold suggestion. Anyway go watch this movie if you are feeling philosophical.

Valentine’s Day is coming and I have two dates! With the shelter cats and the dance studio. A date doesnt need to be someone of the opposite gender!

Anyway saw this kissing marathon organised by Singtel after dance lesson. Probably in conjunction with Valentine’s day. So couples have to stand in this square tile and kiss the board which separates their lips, although there would be more show if there is no board. Kinda felt a bit forever alone when I saw this but the Singtel organisers at the venue gave passer-bys a free yoghurt drink (maybe to drink and watch at the same time?) so the freebie off-setted my forever alone-ness.

Photo credit: Singtel facebook page


Lacking of constructive/contemplative content to blog about because I am too busy to even reflect on what I have been doing. But at least being busy is good because it keeps your mind from going wild.

Okay till then!

PS I am on pinterest! Viewing pretty images makes me happy but it can be also a waste of time. The boards with a ❤ behind are my photography/edits, while the rest are taken from elsewhere.