CNY eve 2014

As usual, updating on the eve of Chinese New Year. This year’s CNY came too fast.

CNY this year (starting from the eve) falls on Thursday to Sunday. Wasnt looking forward to it cos CNY ate up my ballet lessons #&@%. And the fact that Thurs and Fri are my free days for this sem didnt help either. Somemore there are so much tutorial readings to be done by next week. Seems like the profs dont celebrate chinese new year.

Anyway negativities aside. Here are scenes of the CNY preparations last Sat.

The usual butter cookies which are unbaked. And as usual I contributed to the effort by eating them.

2014-01-25 15.03.28

And realised that Trevor loves to eat them too! Initially my mum was telling me that he ate a piece and I didnt believe it because I have never seen dogs eating food made out of flour and butter. So while I was taking out the cookie from the jar, Trevor started barking at me. Still I wasnt convinced. After that my mum took a jar to keep in her bag and guess what? He followed her throughout the way!

Me “Seriously how is this even possible?”

Aunt: Go feed him with one of the cookies and see if he eats it.

And this was what happened.  An excited Trevor. Blur shot cos he hates the camera.

2014-01-25 19.40.30

He even ate it until bits landed on the floor

2014-01-25 19.41.03

Moving on… what is CNY without flowers?

2014-01-25 20.36.17

Do Re Me giving a cautious look

2014-01-25 19.46.48

Went to Chinatown on the eve as usual. Braved the crowds to get Taiwan jelly and mochi.

The rows and rows of lanterns

2014-01-30 05.33.50

This year’s horse soft toy

2014-01-30 12.48.20

Took this from the bus. This year’s decorations are running horses with an orange-y color theme. Looks more simple, matured and the horses in motion gives a momentum.

 2014-01-30 14.00.37

Anyway here is 1 more tip on how to buy jelly and mochi from the stalls. Seems like we get enlightened every year through buying these. After surveying the area where these stalls are mostly concentrated, there are only 2 main companies this time. One of them has more variety in the flavours and the packaging looks really pretty <3, while the other company sells the usual I eat every year jelly.

We started to choose jellies from the more variety one. After filling up 3/4 of the plastic bag we gave it to the vendor to weigh. His weighing scale was facing inwards to himself, instead of the customer. Then he said  the whole thing cost 100 bucks. OMFG!! My mum hopped over to the other store just across (the usual one) and asked this girl how much she paid for a bag of jelly looking bigger than ours. She said $35. Immediately we went over to buy at the other store. While paying, the store vendors threw in even more jelly and a lot of yam mochi, much to my mum’s delight. By the way, the store’s weighing machine faces the customer.

So yeah the tip of this year is to look out for the weighing machine, and if you feel that it isnt worth the 100 bucks, just drop everything and hope over to another store so that you wont get scammed.

2014-01-30 13.08.23


Then had reunion dinner as usual.

I think I used too much “as usual” for this entry. But seriously I cant find anything special to describe CNY because what we do every year it is the same thing, like a ritual.

Anyway gotta finish up my revision for week 3 before I collect my angbao in peace. Screw tutorials, seriously. I shall forget that they exist. Happy chinese new year folks!


A Royal Caribbean vacation day 5

Woke up around 6 for breakfast as we chose the option of self-assisted departure at 7.15am. If you decide to check out according to your deck number, it can drag up till an hour or two when the ship docks at Singapore. For self-assisted departure you need not put the luggage tag that will be delivered to your stateroom the night before, while for the other option, you have to leave your luggage with the tag outside the stateroom around 7pm for it to be collected.

There was a long queue at the self check-out location, but it was cleared rather quickly. Your passports will be returned while you can keep the seapass card as a souvenir.

Crap it’s back to reality.



So here are the rest of the admin stuff continued from day 4

Do bring along a travel adaptor to charge your phone, or you can get one from the guest service. Will need to pay a deposit of Usd 25 for it.

It will be nice to tip your waiters and the stateroom attendants for their hardwork, or praise them on your social media sites when you get home. For the attendants, there will be an envelope with the room number written on it. Just put the money in and they will find it while cleaning up the room. Whereas for the waiters we gave it to them personally.

As for onboard purchases, you will have to settle the payment by 12 midnight on your last night on the ship. A letter will be delivered to your room the day before telling you the amount you have to pay, then you bring it to the guest services and they will give you a break down of the bill. After that you pay by cash or credit card as indicated during your online check in.

And there is a survey form for passengers to complete after they disembark from the ship. It is issued on a paper with QR code and will be delivered to your room as well with the other departure documents.

That’s all I wanted to cover I think!

Overall I would advise you to choose your travelling companions wisely and make sure you find people who share similar interests as you, or are very accommodating in nature. But despite that I had a remarkable and memorable time!

Anyway ending off here with a shameless pic of me. Apparently the height of the (whatever you call it) is higher at the front of the ship than the rest at the decks


Woohoo I cant wait to cruise with Royal Caribbean again!

(BIG DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT PAID TO WRITE THIS REVIEW, just like I am not paid to clean up cat poop at SPCA and translate newsletters for the church. Experience is relative, and any co-incidences in review is purely co-incidental. Cheers! )

A Royal Caribbean vacation Day 4

Day 4 is where the ship is aimlessly cruising on the seas before it reaches Singapore in a very short while. So it is a day to explore the ship if you havent been doing so, or have a 2nd helping to what you enjoy, or catch up with your sleep in the stateroom before facing reality the next day.

And here is the funny treadmill incident my aunt encountered. Dont worry she doesnt even know what is facebook so it is safe to laugh. We were at the gym for the stretch class and waiting for the instructor so she decided to try out the treadmill. At first I thought “Whoa she can run ah?” but when I looked I saw her walking. So my mum also went to walk on the treadmill and both of them started bickering over my aunt’s treadmill speed.

Mum: Oh your treadmill speed is 3?

Aunt: Where got 3? Is 30! Look carefully!

Mum: How can it be 30? (Points to guy next to her). His speed is 5 and he is already jogging!

Aunt: It is really 30 lah!

Mum: If it is really 30 you would be flying already. (Try imagining an elderly petite sized lady flying on a treadmill)

Stubborn aunt continues admitting that her treadmill speed is 30 and then finally realises

Aunt: Oh I didnt see the decimal point. (Not even a word of apology)

Well done, you just embarrassed yourself

Anyway there is a make-a-wish charity event going on in the morning, where you pay USD10 for a shirt and the very important people on the ship (ie the captains and cruise director) will sign it for you. Other than that other duty free shops on board are trying to clear their goods.



After that went for the towel folding class where the stateroom attendants imparted their secrets of folding towel animals to us! Learnt 4 animals created by different nationalities. It is so crowded that we had to kneel on the floor to fold the towels.



Most of the bodies of the animals are modelled after the peking duck mentioned in day 2, with a bit of variation here and there. Quite easy to follow although there are a few confusing steps in general. Here is my rather distorted animals especially the dog. Sorry dog!



And here are more of their creations. Really convinced now that they majored in towel art with 1st class honours in university.



Lunch at Rhapsody in Blue as we decided to try eating venues for a change. Apparently Rhapsody doesnt allow you to book a table for 6 when there are only 3 people and the other 3 are coming later. Eating at Rhapsody also saw the need to share a table with 2 other dining groups, but the waiter/ess are really fast in serving you one course after another when you are done so you dont have to wait for the rest to finish their food.

Main course was Indonesian style nasi goreng, although I am not sure how Indonesian is it.




Dessert is low fat cheesecake. The nasi goreng serving was just nice but the full-ness feeling sets in after a while. The cake was rather nice since it wasnt that sweet.



Went for napkin folding class part 2, this time learnt napkin folding in restaurant setting. Steps are more simpler but now the activity director will give us 5 seconds to fold out the design after she taught it to us. The moment of confusion when we couldnt remember the 1st step! Anyway her catchphrase is “shale shake shake” each time we unfold the napkin.

initpintu_副本 (2)


Then went to the front of the ship as we had been looking at it through the window but have not went there physically. Look at the dark ominous clouds but luckily it didnt rain.



Then went for ice-skating show. They delivered a perfect performance, although there is no story line as well. Really vibrant costumes, the moves and formations are well-choreographed and smoothly executed. If you are intending to sit at the front row, be prepared for a few scares!



A farewell performance held by the crew. Besides the cruise singers and orchestra performing again, They invited this act called Ballet on shoulders which is mostly acrobatics actually. The duo are really capable of doing anything even if it exceeds the physical limitation of humans. And the moment where the applause is the loudest is where the lady did an arabesque en pointe on the man’s head. Wtf seriously are they humans?



After that the cruise director announced his top 10 most funny questions he got asked by the passengers. One of them being “Do these stairs go up or down?”



Dinner time! Got pepper beef cos was tired of eating chicken or fish.




Den Den gave us another plate of shrimps. Awww~





Yummy Yummy!




Me revising what I learnt in the afternoon


Halfway though eating the waiter/ess barged out from the kitchen waving napkins and gathered on the stairs singing an Italian song, although there are no italian waiters.



Then it became crazy when one waiter dressed himself as PSY and started dancing gangnam style and then some indian waiters got the indian passengers to dance to bollywood music.

I felt rather sad to say goodbye to the waiters cos I have never met with such impeccable service up close and personal before. It isnt easy working as a waiter/ess yet they never fail to make the effort to bring a smile to us everytime we dine. Here is a pic with both of them!


-Then settles a lot of administrative stuff within this time period which is too long so I will bring them up in the next post-

And to end off the night, more towel animals by the lovely stateroom attendants





Will be posting on day 5 and other adminstrative stuff which I might have forgotten to mention earlier.

A Royal Caribbean vacation day 3

Woke up super early at 6 plus for breakfast at Windjammer before assembling at the Savoy Theatre for the shore excursion to Langkawi. Dad, mum and I went while my aunts were still deciding (yes, even on the actual day itself) whether to get off the ship. At the theatre everyone will be divided off into their tour group and the cruise staff will lead you out of the ship. They will just scan your seapass card for tracking. Our tour is only 4 hours long because it was divided into 2 separate tour timings at 8am and 1pm respectively.

Opportunistic money changers waiting outside.




What comes to your mind when you hear about Langkawi? Probably sunny sandy beaches, duty free shopping or a quiet area close to nature? Initially I didnt expect much from this cluster of 104 islands but this tour changed my perception.

Our 1st stop is the rubber plantation, because city kids have never seen rubber taping before. Rubber cultivation accounts for the 2nd largest share of profits for the Langkawi economy while 1st is rice plantation. It takes about 5 years for the wound of the tree bark to heal so the rubber tapers cut the tree bark from top-down. They just supply the rubber while the rubber processing is done in the mainland factories. The rubber tapers are really fit as they are able to finish the entire plantation within 4 hours or so. Just wondering how they manage to collect everything if it rains. Anyway, the rubber collected from the tree smells weird.



Langkawi is also known for the legend of Princess Mahsuri, who cursed the island to have bad luck for 7 generations after she was innocently accused of adultery. And indeed after she died Langkawi got invaded by Siam and remain undeveloped. When it reached the 7th generation, the Malaysian government announced plans to develop Langkawi as a tourist destination. Immediately the descendant Wan Aishah became famous.

We visited her grave which got developed into a tourist attraction and a museum dedicated to her. Actually the museum isnt that informative, it is just wax figurines of the narrative of her execution.



Also went to look at the Kedah house. Immediately thought of vernacular architecture and AR2221. In AR2221 we looked at photos but now I am finally looking at the real thing!

Low doorway, steep staircases and shoes arent allowed inside. The raised platforms are used to protect the house from wild animals instead of floods because it doesnt flood in this area.





Unmatching photo of the feet standing on the grilled flooring. The gaps function as a lookout for the inhabitants for wild animals and also for ventilation from underneath.



After that went to the Eagle square. Just like the Singapore is known for the merlion, the Malaysian government also came up with a mascot for Langkawi, which is the eagle. The eagle is huge. Maybe monumental is a better word choice. We reached there about 11 in the morning, and it wasnt an ideal time for photos since they turn out to be of high contrast. So here is a repaired pic.



Eagle square is surrounded by sea. This is what I call freedom.


Last stop is the Gamat factory (sea cucumber), which is a local product of Langkawi and is known for many health benefits. (It is those stops where the tour guide drops you off at some place and salesman there tries to convince you to buy their stuff). Anyway here is where they cook the Gamat. Unclear photo but the concoction is boiling. The tour guide was saying that it is hot but it doesnt burn, and he gives it a stir quite often when he passes by this place.


And here is a shameless advert: Dont leave home without buying the Gamat oil!


So that concludes the Langkawi guided tour for us. With all that travelling we actually covered half of the island, but mostly the quaint areas. What is more notable is that we didnt see any police car in sight. The tour guide was saying that security is good here because the people have the common goal of working hard for money so it wont benefit everyone if they were to harm each other. Anyway he is pretty informative, but when he was talking about Japanese old men competing for the triathlon held at Langkawi, he started laughing to himself.

If you want to venture out after the guided tour, you can inform the bus and they will drop you off at a tourist-y place and give you instructions on how to get back (like how to identify the buses and their arrival and departure intervals). We decided to go look at the duty free shopping so we alighted at Underwater world. Actually nothing much one~! As it was a tourist area, they marked up the price. Most of the stuff we saw are rather typical and commonly seen in Singapore. So we followed (okay we crashed) one of the buses back to the ship. The china people and ang moh on board carried rather huge loots. 

There are shuttle buses available to send you to the duty free shopping malls for a free and easy shopping tour and they charge at USD 12 for adults, just in case you wish to go shopping but not book on a tour to go shopping.

Back onboard, had lunch and just in time for more explorer academy workshops. The Ribbon to Roses one is extremely popular and the class was rather chaotic.


After that went for a concert featuring the ship’s singers and musicians. Entertaining as usual, although I was a little amused that the violin seats will move out of the stage into the curtain together with the violinists when the song doesnt require a violin part.



Dinner time! Here is bread boy at work



Main course for tonight is turkey. Have been eating turkey before xmas till now but still ate it onboard.



Halfway through the meal Den Den brought out 3 plates of fried rice with cherry tomatoes, shrimp, and other ingredients which my aunts asked for. It was surprise to us since he previously mentioned that food matters is beyond his control. Well since it was a surprise and we had already ordered the main course beforehand, my aunts were sort of grumbling a bit (how very unappreciative) cos they couldnt finish the food (Just so happens that they arent great eaters). In the end my dad ate 1 plate of fried rice and I ate his turkey, while the remaining 2 plates we shared it.

Felt really touched with what he did for us. RC’s service is beyond excellent!


Missed yummy yummy time as I went for ice-skating. Due to popular demand ice-skating sessions are only 30 mins long and there was a super long queue during the registration at 6.30.

Anyway I have absolute zero knowledge of how to skate cos usually I wasnt interested but I decided to have my virgin attempt here. When I put on the skates I couldnt walk for a while as it felt funny. Clung on to the sides for a few rounds and I would like to thank those who reached out to help when I was about to fall over. Soon I was off to the centre but still cant do it well since I look more of walking instead of skating. But Rome wasnt built in a day, and definitely not in 30 minutes. Can you spot me below? 



Okay this is a long post since it was a long day but I am really ending soon!

Returned to the hotel room and found a dog on the bed


And a bat flying in my parents’ room



A Royal Caribbean vacation Day 2

Woke up real early to go for the stretching and abs class  at 7am at the Fitness centre. And I realised I didnt say anything about the gym in my 1st post so let me do it now. There is a jacuzzi to soak in right in the middle of the gym and a sauna as well as other the usual gym machines and stuff. Instructor classes need to pay $ (expect low enrolment) while the one one at 7am is free. The class is less rigorous since it is in the morning but it is a good start to the day. Instructor is encouraging and has ang-moh accent although he is chinese lol.

Anyway on the 4th day my aunt ran into an embarrassing  treadmill incident which I will talk about it later. Really amusing and I am still laughing at it while blogging this.


Ship arrived at Port Klang.



We didnt get off in the end cos the excursion which we book got cancelled because very little people would be interested to look at historical stuff apart from yours truly. According to Den Den it is difficult to call for a cab at the cruise centre and journey time would take about half an hour to get into the city. Which was true because the location of Port Klang cruise centre was situated at a rather remote place. Anyway Malaysia shopping malls are just the same and arent cheaper either (Disclaimer: It is matter of perspective but we decided to save the trouble).

Luckily there was a wide range of workshops for us called Explorer Academy which sounded pretty good to me and even better for my mum cos she likes to learn hand-made stuff.

Anyway breakfast at Windjammer. Blur shot damn it. The yoghurt is nice and I had one everyday.


After that went for jewellery making workshop. It was easy to follow for a clumsy person like me. The activity director was saying that we cannot have the same design if not she will confiscate the bracelets.


Then my aunt went for a talk called the Shopping Show which is a guide to onboard shopping so we went with her. Was more interested in looking at the different hair colors and the head shapes of the audiences cos the speaker was talking about branded goods until I heard him mention the 10 dollar (USD) sale.


And here we are at the 10 dollar sale! All I can say is be a wise consumer and decide if the item is worth 10 bucks or not.


After that went for rock climbing I think. Havent climbed since donkey years ago and arms were damn sore after that. But seriously climbing a rock wall on the sea. How cool can it get? Anyway while the staff there helps you into the equipment and acts as the belayer, there is no instructor around teaching you safety rules or giving you climbing tips. So you are really on your own. (Crap why do I look so skinny?!?!)


After that went for a couple of more workshops. The napkin folding one was really popular and the activity director went around every table to check whether we were on the right track. Kudos to him for his patience.


This one is called Peking duck cos the activity director is a PRC.  Dont underestimate the Peking duck though. It is a very important component for making animals out of towels. Will touch on that on Day 4.


Anyway I did sign up for a paid yoga class. In the end had a 1 to 1 session HAHAHA. It is pretty freaky to do yoga while the ship is moving cos I was afraid of falling off balance. (ship left Port Klang at 5 or 6 I think) and probably the gym is at this location where one can feel the ship moving the most. Or is it just me?

Random shot of my mum with the Terra cotta warrior.


Day 2 is formal night so no shorts allowed into the dining hall. Actually it is okay to appear in casual clothes like what my family did cos no one will boher to look at you but I thought it would suit the atmosphere by dressing up a bit.


My dad’s soup for day 2 with a gyoza inside.


I forgot what I ordered but it is nice seeing broccoli on the dinner plate.


Time for yummy yummy! Low fat berry mousse with strawberry jello


To be honest when it comes to food my dad’s side doesnt eat much and they dont take chili. Even though I found the serving okay but they would be full when it is 3/4 through the main course. Maybe because I burnt more calories working out.

Anyway here is the art and photo gallery. The art pieces are for sale or auction while the photos are taken with the Dreamworks characters, at the restaurants and during boarding. No photography allowed inside the photo gallery if not they wont have business.


Returned to stateroom and found a money swinging by the hanger. Royal Caribbean’s trademark is towel art where the stateroom attendants spent 4 years in university learning how to fold towel animals and can create over 1500 designs (Well according to them….) Love surprises after a long day of activity! Anyway if you look closely the body of the monkey is modelled after the mighty peking duck.


Fish in my parent’s stateroom. At first they couldnt see it cos it was camouflaged nicely onto the bedsheet.


Day 3 coming up! My neck is damn sore typing this cos I havent been sitting in front of the computer for a while but I guess sore neck syndrome will increase during term time. Goddamnit.

A Royal Caribbean Vacation Day 1

Wanted to spend the whole afternoon blogging about the vacation but got bogged down with last minute translation work as asked by the church staff. Didnt want to do this next week since the term starts tomorrow! (omfg I cant believe it). But it’s okay! Will keep it short and sweet!

Okay so I wont elaborate on the Mariner of the Seas’s background cos many websites are repeating that.

My uncle volunteered to bring us to Marina Bay Cruise Centre. There will be staff there helping you to collect your luggage if you want to check in. Checked-in luggages will be delivered to your stateroom around the evening 6pm so make sure you pack your needed stuff in your hand carry. Alternatively you can choose not to check-in. After filling in some health declaration form and scanning the online check in documents (use online check-in. It is more convenient) and other blah blah paperwork we are ready to board!


My phone cant capture the entire ship cos it is too huge! The ship crew is international, but PRCs and Americans form the majority of the director staff while stateroom attendants and waiters/ess are mostly southeast Asians and PRCs. Dont recall seeing any Singaporean though.


And every passenger will be issued a seapass card after their passports are handed over to the staff for safekeeping. The card is everything! It is used as identification when you get off the ship for shore excursion, it can be used for payment for onboard shopping(will elaborate how to settle your onboard purchases later) and to open your stateroom door. Anyway mine is hole punched after registering for ice-skating and rock climbing.


Went to check out the stateroom after that. Dad booked the oceanview stateroom at deck 7 (no balcony and no separate bed booooo) and it was a double bed. Shared a room with my aunt. Our rooms are located right at the front of the ship so I can secretly look at people doing silly things there through the window *smirks*.


There is a kettle provided in every room to boil water but we found it rather dirty so we didnt use it. Nope we didnt  end up drinking sea water, we just asked the restaurant people to help us fill up our bottles.  Anyway the TV here is located at a rather inconvenient angle from the bed.


The toilet is rather crampy and it doesnt provide toothbrushes and slippers (just in case people take freebies home) so do bring them along.

Every room will have a cruise compass which shows the timings of daily activities and performances, as well as opening times and all. Well I would recommend you to bring them along (its just a piece of paper) because it is difficult to remember the exact timings when so many things are happening consecutively. Chinese versions are available at the guest services. On the 1st and 3rd day, the ice rink is open for passengers to skate while the rock wall is only available on the 2nd to 4th day. 1st day for rock climbing is just registering. Tilt your head please.

017 018

After that went for lunch at Windjammer. It serves all kinds of food but mostly western in nature. My aunts were complaining about the lack of chinese food but I thought the food variety was quite a lot. For chinese food fannatics, Windjammer serves rice during lunch as well so you can go make your own chap chye bng. Anyway Windjammer and Jade are both the same thing, while you need to pay for Giovanni and Chops Grille.

Hygiene is very important on the ship so there are hand sanitizers located at every entrance of the eateries around the ship. And one cant escape under the watchful eyes of the waiters/esses who stand at the entrance.


Spot the minion.


After that went to look around the ship before a compulsory fire drill. Library at deck 7 is open for 24 hours. No librarians though.


The Royal Promenade at deck 5. Duty free shops selling designer brands, a cafe (I think is cafe promenade),  shore excursions desk and guest services are located here. Other than that events like dreamworks parade, shopping sales and indoor partying are held here. Reminds me of the streets in USS!


The casino at deck 4. Apparently it is located right smack in the middle of the ship. So when you are trying to get from the theatre to the dining room you have to pass by here everytime. When the ship is on international waters the casino doubles up as a gas chamber cos of the suffocating cigarette smoke.


The swimming pool at deck 11. Dint swim this time round cos it’s the time of the month. But it would be pretty chilly to walk from the pool to the stateroom as the air condition in the interior is rather strong. The old folks were complaining (seriously one does not simply go on a vacation to complain.)


Free flow of soft serve ice-cream at Arctic zone. There will be a waiter helping out with the machine or you can choose to self-help.


Many deck chairs everywhere at deck 12


Sports deck is located on deck 13 and 14. There is a mini golf course  for noobs and a in-golf simulator which you have to pay 25 bucks (US dollars). My mum held the golf club as though she is holing a mop HAHAHA. (Actually I dont know what is the proper way to hold a golf club also).



Other sports deck facilities include the rock climbing wall (next post), running track and inline skating path. Then it is the compulsory fire drill! The very big alphabet and numbers on your seapass card indicate your assembly station in case of emergency. For us it is at the Lotus Lounge at deck 5. Yeah it is indoors -_-


Dreamworks parade at Royal Promenade which was really crowded. Luckily we stood at deck 7 to watch which was a rather decent view.


The ship departed from Singapore around 7pm although it was stated 5pm. Cheat my feelings! But anyway since Singapore is so near to Malaysia it doesnt matter.

After that my dad went to queue up at the shore excursions desk to buy the tour package for the 3 of us for Port Klang and Langkawi. I would rather pay for the tour beforehand to avoid the long queue but there were changes to the excursions offered. Anyway, they will also cancel a tour and refund you the money if there is insufficient sign-up. Usually shopping are the more popular ones. #badluckhistorystudentcantvisithistoricalplaces. Minimum sign up is 25 but if there are 20 people they will still proceed on with the tour. Alternatively you can choose to stay onboard although it would be rather boring in my opinion, especially if your trip is 3 or 4 nights. Will elaborate more on shore excursions later.

I think we went for dinner after that at Rhapsody in blue. Very atas place. There are 2 seating timings at 5.45pm and 8.15pm respectively cos the passengers are too many. There is an option for my time dining but my dad didnt choose that while booking the trip. 8.15 is fine for my family since we eat late but not for them.


Each table has a head waiter and assistant waiter, but both waiters will be serving about 3 tables. Our head waiter is a Filipino-Spanish while the assistant is Indian. Anyway my mum and I nicknamed the assistant waiter as 面包仔 (bread boy) cos part of his job is to carry a huge plate of bread of different kind and ask us whether we want bread. And the bread is freaking hard like a rock! But do try the one with melon seeds as it is fragrant.


Now onto the main course. Will skip the soup cos I cant remember what I ordered. Dinner day 1 is salmon. Pretty okay and serving is just nice.


Dessert time! Den Den calls it “Time for yummy yummy!” (Damn cute). This is low fat mango pudding, Looks aesthetically pleasing but couldnt taste any mango at all.


At the end of the meal Den Den asked for our feedback which is really nice and professional of him. So my aunts complained about the lack of chinese food and said they wanted fried rice. Then he said he could help us request for chinese food but made no promises since the decision with food lies with the kitchen.

After that went to catch the Gallery of Dreams show at Savoy Theatre. This is the part where you have to pass through the casino from the dining area. Inconvenient max. As you can see it is nearly full house and some of the audiences ended up standing. If you want a good view, they are usually at the centre block at the upper and lower deck. AND BE THERE EARLY!


Before the performance, the hosts were reading off the numbers of the nationalities of the passengers on board. The Indonesians topped the list with about 1300+ (cant remember exact figure) while Singapore was 2nd most. So yeah the ship was sailing at full passegner capacity instead of an empty board. The show didnt have a storyline, instead it was just random changing of scenes and singing. But still it was a world class standard performance and everything from the visuals to singing and dancing complemented each other well. Side note: Side section seats arent good for taking photos.


This is how the theatre stage looks like when the show hasnt begun


Elsewhere there are performances at the various bars by onboard singers.


Didnt go for much night activities cos they are usually the partying and disco stuff which I wasnt interested in. So turned in early for the night. Usually by 7pm the cruise compass for day 2 will be delivered to your room so you can plan for the next day.

Alright now onto day 2!

LOTR, KTV and fortune telling fandom

Scheduled post

Met up with the co. for LOTR and the usual KTV at MK’s house a week ago. It is pretty taxing  to watch a 2h plus LOTR movie filled with fighting scenes and ugly orcs. Due to time constraint we only watched the Fellowship. Luckily everyone made the atmosphere light by cracking lame jokes and teasing one another when their LOTR personality appears in the scene. Check out your MBTI and your corresponding character if you are interested here!

Anyway here’s home-cooked food by his mum. Instant noodle, hotdog (okay I seldom eat them cos it is unhealthy but it is the thought that counts), cheese tofu, egg, cherry tomato and bai cai. Porridge for the sick MK. Yes he is sick yet he still played a good host to us. And in return some laughter made him feel more energetic.

2014-01-03 13.14.03

Okay since sharing is caring now I shall just post up a few of our crap remarks made during the movie. The best 5 lame jokes to laugh at. Only 5 because it is a moderate amount and to ensure that you wont die from lame-ness after reading.

2014-01-03 13.24.13

1. Gandalf vs Saruman fight

There was one move by Gandalf which got us pretty amused. So it happened that Saruman seized Gandalf’s staff and Gandalf  ended up spinning around on the floor in some breakdance position under the control of Saruman. Video link here, start laughing at the 3:04 mark. We were saying how Gandalf looked like a mop wiping the floor and YH decided to make fun of her LOTR identity by saying that he looks like a mop due to his grey matted hair and beard.

2. How to tell Gandalf apart from Saruman

Initially it was kinda confusing to tell both old men apart since they are both old (duh), have long hair and beards, and are tall in stature. (And when it comes to 2 Towers where Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White, it is even more confusing cos both are now having the same colored clothing). So we managed to differentiate them by labelling Gandalf as guy with permed hair and Saruman as guy with rebonded hair.


3. One does not simply keep coming up with one does not simply memes whenever the one does not simply guy appears on the screen or…..


One does not simply make his nephew strip in front of his uncle. One does not simply pass on the ring from his uncle to his nephew because it is like cursing one generation after another. One does not simply disappear when his fellows are fighting against the orcs. One does not simply try to seize the ring from Frodo while his fellows are fighting against the orcs. One does not simply die so fast in a LOTR movie. One does not simply die without a goodbye kiss from Aragorn. Yeah you get the idea.

4. Elrond’s elven outpost in Rivendell

Multi-functional, can be a retirement village for the old like Bilbo Baggins, recovery ward for Frodo, 6 star hotel with conference hall and a making out place for Arwen and Aragorn. No stay limit and free of charge. (KY is so generous ^^)

5. Lembas bread

So while the fellowship are preparing their fighting supplies after their visit to Galadriel, Legolas took a bite of the Lembas once he placed them onto the boat. Not secretly since he ate it in front of the 2 hobbits but still that calls for a joke cos he 偷吃-ed (sneakily ate food) while at work. Immediately we went: Whoa MK why you so tam chiak! (means greedy for food). MK’s face: -_-

I cant imagine what will happen if we had a full marathon of LOTR and the Hobbit. Probably laughing until our stomaches burst.

After that sang ktv and the rest got obsessed with tarot readings and fortune telling apps as introduced by YH. Seems like she is living Gandalf’s personality full out by being wise and talk about life and fate. Anyway being me I am not into fortune telling and all but something funny happened over it so I shall make MK a laughing stock now.

The story goes that YH phone has a series of fortune telling apps by app developer 易奇八字 (literally translated means one will be easily amazed with your 8 characters) which asks for your birth date and time and then predicts your life. MK tried to find out his fate and was rather annoyed that he got readings which were relatively less desirable than us. Then he decided to try again under his original name (name changed for personal reasons which I will not disclose) and while helping him do so, YH discovered that MK put his year of birth as 2014 instead of 1993. So for the past 30 mins, he was reading the life of another person who has the same name as him but not born into the world yet! Funny or what?!

Anyway, what is more important is how you change your future for the better, than to take into consideration the advice given by a phone app.

Ending off with a photo of us!

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Big thanks to MK for hosting this and cant wait for LOTR 2 and 3 and the Hobbits! (although I watched part 2 yesterday and am watching part 3 while typing this).

Gonna be busy again when the semester starts but I cant wait to study already. Hopefully the decisions I made will be sound.