Updates- random topics

Didnt update for long and nope I am not dead.

Entering week 11 of year 2 semester 1. Seriously this is happening too fast. My head is still in summer, enjoying every single part of it.

It’s pretty scary when time just flies past you like that and you dont even know what have you been doing all this while.

Nowadays I have been playing the role of giving advice to others who are feeling down, while somehow I felt that I need them more. But it is the duty of everyone to encourage one another, regardless of whether they are dominantly optimistic or not.

Sometimes I wish every difficult task can be completed with team effort. Being alone can get really tiring, especially when one has resigned to the fate that he is unable to standout among a sea of talents.

Anyway here’s Sahara cat as usual in the shelter, fussy with food as ever

2013-10-25 17.15.59

And here is my newest addition to the collection. Not the starbucks drink.

2013-10-25 14.12.08

Long story behind how I got it. Market price was $16, most expensive was $19.50 (daylight robbery). Saw a blogshop selling it but it got traded to another blogshop, and it happened that blogshop was selling it at $10. So immediately I contacted the owner to buy it, didnt receive it for a week cos of wrong address, waited for another week and still no mail. Got rather angsty until on friday night my neighbour dropped the mail at the door. Felt bad being impatient and all when it was also the fault of the postman. Anyway its here with me now and it smells really nice but it gonna wear off someday.

Have heard of people who bring around a toy with them wherever they go, and when they want to photograph some memorable location, they will snap the place with the toy in the scene to show that they were there. Kinda cool. I gonna bring it on exchange (provided if I got accepted) and around the world!

No sense of security. Lol.

On a side note let’s try this: If you can create a pop danthology of 10 songs reflecting how you have been feeling the past week, what will you choose? These are my following choices: (anyway go listen to them on youtube! Good stuff need to be promoted)  囚鸟、独角戏、红颜劫、いい日旅立ち、雪人、约定 (from 好想好好爱你)、弯弯的月亮、征服、心动、月光爱人

When one is at a loss of words, use music to express your thoughts.

And last of all I am addicted to using bitstrips! It’s a comic version of putting yourself and your friends in different kinds of situations that can get exaggerated. Expressions and captions can also be edited. I love playing pranks and attacking people with it cos I cant do it in real life. Lol. Kinda sad that there can be only 2 people in a comic strip though.


Signing off for now. Still so much work undone.

Sing. Dance. Music. Cats. Live. Laugh. Love- if only my life is that simple.

PS. Random thought: Will people run away if I sing 青藏高原 in KTV?

PPS. Random thought 2: If I adopted 10 cats and the 1st one being Sahara, the subsequent ones shall be Gobi, Fuji, Shangri-La, Himalayas, Mongolia, Lhasa, Everest, Yangtze, Tibet.

LOLOLOLOL. It all started with a rather unique name for a cat.


This week was rough. I did badly for my assignments. I was in a daze for every lesson and was rather unresponsive in answering questions. During lecture yesterday I was in class and wondering to myself “Why do lessons not even appeal to me now? What on earth am I doing here?”

Maybe my source of motivation was wrong. I am pushed by grades and performance. And nice words of acknowledgement keeps me going. I get jealous when others get their recognition when I couldnt come up with something as sensible as theirs. And now, right now, at this time, I felt like a failure because I am not showing any progress in what I am doing. Even if I learnt my mistake, it is still too late because the grades are still counted.

And when I feel dejected by my performace, I totally lost passion in the subject. What is the point of learning when I keep failing repeatedly? I dont choose modules to disappoint myself. With passion and effort I thought I can do well. But why doesnt it happen?

Sometimes I wonder why I am in this particular institution. What on earth is my place here when I am just an average (cant be even more average) student? I feel like what I am doing nearly everyday is just to trawl through tons of readings, clearing backlogs and doing assignments, without any productivity towards my understanding of the subject. I dont feel any importance at all. The school can still be better off without me since I dont make a difference in any way.

I am on the brink of desparation. The only thing that is making me look forward to is my SEP application where I can get to see another world. But if I happen not to get any of my preferred choice, that’s it.

Happened to be writing this on a last-minute free day. It just means 1 step away from reality because my world is fragilely perfect.

Throwback updates

Found this gem in the neighbourhood Woods in the Books. They sell picture books which are mainly catered for children, but still it is delightful to flip through the pages to admire the artwork and relieve childhood times. Pictures are so refreshing to look at now, as compared to the chunks of words in my readings.


Some updates on the animals in the shelter:

Ms Sahara moved to the 2nd floor of the cattery for 2 active kittens on the 3rd floor. They overturned the water bowl twice and I had to climb up a rather unstable stepladder to clean up the area, while they watch in bewilderment.


Anyway went for this NTUC U family picnic at West Coast. It is a kids event and its theme is called Whimsical fairytale. Apparently my aunt bought the coupon so 4 of us adults went. And I bought the most expensive popcorn ever. Spent nearly 1 hour plus of my time queueing up for it, literally from sunrise to sunset. Ok the sun did set by the time we got ours. Lots of mishaps happening at the popcorn booth. Rather epic.

So here is one of the bears from Goldilocks and the 3 bears and me. I swear that we didnt plan the same dress code.


Just wondering what goes on in your minds when you are at events where you feel out of place? Take age for example. Is there a time where you are stuck at an event full or senior citizens or children? Do you feel that there is something in them which you cant understand? (seriously senior citizens are just like children. Take my word for that.) How would you go about conducting yourself, when the activities dont suit your age? I am still finding out. And learning.

Nook House of Pancakes

Disclaimer: If you feel a loss of appetite or sense of nausea, I am terribly sorry. Because I am not a born artist and the batter squeeze bottle is difficult to control (for me, at least).

So I came across several positive reviews of Nook and decided to go there with YH after lecture so celebrate her birthday. Initially wanted to go to Eat Play Love but their kitchen closes from 3 to 6 so we ended up at Nook which is located in a super difficult to find place. Anyway that day there were many kids around cos it was children’s day. Lucky kids.

Stepped in to find a fragrant pancake smell lingering.


So here is basically what you are supposed to do. Pretty self-explanatory.


And here’s their colorful menu. Just choose all those which are value for money.


We only went for 1 batter since there are only 2 of us, but we also added sides. Well the serving was just nice, although ordering 2 batters would be more fun to play with. Anyway YH ate most of the m&m. Lol.


The sides and drinks we ordered. Mango for YH and power berry for myself. I got the ala carte while YH’s one was the sides. The French toast is sweet instead of the typical salty ones, while the omelette with mushroom, spinach and onion is really salty. 重口味!


Our very 1st attempts. Well the words stuck together cos the batter wasnt fully cooked when we decided to flip it. So subsequently the pancake was overcooked.


3 hello kitties, 1 piano and 1 clover as per YH request


YH practicing her calligraphy and her reaction after she scooped up the name.


YH decided to cover the red thermal spot with batter which looks like a moon


Something to redeem myself: Drew this minion which wasnt the usual short and fat one. Then a mother with her daughter happened to pass by our table and she was like “Is this a minion? It’s so cute!” Ahahaha at least it is still recognisable!


Not so successful Hello Kitty.


The death note L, inspired by YH who was trying to impersonate L with the batter bottle. I got photobombed. And before the pic was taken, the L slid off the plate onto the table in one piece. Epic!


YH taking a pic of me taking a pic.


The many faces of YH. Spot her impersonation of L!


Us posing with the menu.


A pic of us… AGAIN. Oh it’s the last pic! Be glad!


So yup basically if you are looking for a place where you can showcase your creativity and eat your own creation, Nook is a good one!  And for more fun better order 1 more batter to play with if not you will end up eating flimsy pancake outlines. Breakfast will never be boring again! (wait, did I say we ate breakfast during lunch?)