Now I am starting to wonder…

Why on earth are so many people having a relationship and getting married while I am still single, forever alone and friend zon-ing every guy friend I have?!?!?!

My 异性緣 is pretty bad as well. I predict that I will either get married at 35 years old with a guy through a match making centre or remain single for the rest of my life.

Ps I am not drunk

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Daydreaming again…

That I can find a nice, understanding boyfriend with all the qualities I desire and that we will get married in the future.

That I will enjoy my future job as a curator and receive support from those around me.

That I will live in a condominium with a night scene as beautiful as the one at Marina Boulevard, and can swim at night in infinity pools.

That I can have a makeover room themed as hello kitty fantasies and a toilet that resembles a hotel resort.

That both my future husband and I adopted 2 cats from SPCA so that they can have a companion.

Arugh monday blues. And tutorials are starting this week. Life sucks.

Can someone accompany me to Marina Boulevard on sunday night so that I can breathe in the night scene and take pictures?

Anyway this is my new friend whom I met last week. Have been thinking of her the whole week and seeing her again in a few hours time.


Oh ya I blogged this entry via my handphone. #Random

Update: Life-less (and other random)

1st week of school just passed like that. Nothing much to update though. Just in the midst of making decisions and planning for the week ahead.

This goes to show the no life I get when school starts. (While everyone else are having photos of themselves tagged on facebook. I just cant understand why. Maybe it’s just myself who cant find my life.)

Anyway I am proud to proclaim my 2nd home- the photocopy room in the school library. Unless I get a study buddy so that we can split the job of photocopying notes. But right now….still searching.

I dont think there is any wrong being alone. Sometimes it’s another type of fun to have some personal time with yourself. But being alone is difficult to survive. And survival is a key priority.

Dont know what else to type since I dont feel like thinking anything negative now. Have been feeling rather moody for the past week because of uncertainties. 但是以后呆在学校的日子还很久, 徘徊在十字路口的时候还很多.

Some boring pics to end this week.

My snack supply. Already finished Mr Potato. Damn it.

2013-08-12 19.03.32

Throwback pic of a minion which I drew for RX last week.


Photogenic cat (Pixie) which I took during my 1st shelter duty. Overall it was pretty chill since I went in the afternoon that day. Just playing around with the cats to make them more approachable to humans and therefore more easily adopted, filling up their water supply, feeding them towards the end of your shift, answering questions from visitors. cleaning up the areas wherever a mess is made. Yup that’s basically it. Going tomorrow in the morning and getting prepared what will be in store for me.

2013-08-12 16.16.17

See what I mean by no life. 3 photos and 1 is a throwback. I cant possibly take a pic of the photocopy room and post it here anyway. Lol.

Anyway last of all here is a song to encourage those who are at their low point of their lives to stay strong and keep going:

I seriously prefer this version as compared to the original. First heard it during CSTD summer school and it got stuck in my head ever since. In fact most of the music used during summer school are stuck in my head till today. Both Summer schools….Memories.

Last 3 weeks of freedom

Alright I totally messed up my photos cos I sorted them till god-knows-where and I didnt take pics for some events. Like why is there a need to capture everything I have done? Anyway here is just a rough update of what I have been doing.

So let me start off with something boring. Yeah I got all my modules. Kinda apprehensive of CH2274 because it is in chinese but I wanted to clear my minor requirements. Just keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth semester ahead (and I dont wanna ask for more).

Helped out at SPCA sale event at Cathay. Met a lot of interesting people regardless of volunteer or donors. Big thank you to those who supported the SPCA! 😀 and looking forward to more events (provided if they fit my schedule and location is convenient. Heh). Anyway all I can say is that the amount of donations depends on the crowds on that day. Really heng-suay thing.

2013-07-28 17.48.06

Leftover merchandise after their ‘in’ period ends.


And this is JoJo whom I met during shelter training.  Gonna do the cat and rabbit section cos I was rather intimidated by the dogs. Maybe because of their barking. Speaking of the dogs as the shelter, there is one Chow Chow. It reminded me of the dog which the Tong Zhi Emperor kept when he was a child in The Confidant. I thought that the dog was weird in the drama since I have never seen a Chow Chow before. Noob. But enlightened now.


Went swimming with ST. She really dyed her hair golden yellow! Saw it initially in her cosplay pics and I thought she was wearing a wig but it turned out to be for real. Maybe the most distinctive freshie in science faculty now. *Feeling honoured*

Anyway the weather was great. Dark clouds looming somewhere in a corner but the sun was still there.

Note to self: Need to practice freestyle again. But first can someone explain to me the physics behind it? I really cant get the logic!!!


Went out with the usual to Playnation at Prinsep Street. Read about it here! Anyway the Playnation staff took a burst shot so I made it into a .gif. Observe MK lurking behind the corner before he emerges, YH randomly moving the card, KY smiling and myself stoning. (Holy the GIF doesnt work and I dont know how to fix that!)

2013-08-08 19.19.14

Finally done with the fuwa fuwa mousse clay which I bought months ago. Re-used the mould from the Kutsuwa kit as well to make more designs. Saved it for the day when I am bored and the fun is over again. Wondering which kit I should get next (and feeling lazy to embark on a new DIY project).


Moving on to shopping sightings. Saw these in Breadtalk. Reminded me of the hello kitty cafe squishy, just that the real donut is out of shape. And it looks fattening.

2013-07-24 16.31.52 J_Hello_Kitty_Squish_final_original

And this is the Pocket Full of Berries. Being an adventerous hello kitty fan I bought one to try. And… I didnt really like it. The 1st few bites were still ok but soon I felt that the cream was fattening when I finished the strawberries. And being the typical pastry, the proportion of fruits to the entire thing is always imbalanced (insufficient I would say). And the Hello kitty stamp there is the burnt part of the bread. So yeah I only liked the strawberries. But still it was a refreshing product by Breadtalk!

2013-07-24 16.32.29

Saw this at Pop@central. The thumbdrive is out of my budget (or rather I have a lot of thumbdrives) but taking a pic of them secretly is free. Holy they even have badtz maru.

2013-07-14 15.31.47

I am a happy woman today! Found this at the Popular sale at Suntec City. The Hello kitty pen is selling at 1 for 6 bucks. Daylight robbery.

2013-08-05 19.30.43


And just some pics to show what I did during national day. In the morning my mum dragged me to this National Day Observance Ceremony organised by the grassroots community. By the time the event ends, technically I am still in bed on a normal day. So throughout the entire thing I was sleepwalking. But most of the participants there are senior citizens so I guess I was there to be the extra pax so that the rest of the adults in the group can get more goody bags.

Very juicy balloons forming this big heart to remind you to hold the country dear in our hearts. Lol.


My mum and I just walking around the event space while the rest jagar our stuff.



This is what Singaporeans are best at: Queuing up.

2013-08-09 10.42.51

So this is the keepsake we got apart from the goody bag. Observe the rather solemn faces and my parents looking elsewhere. The place at the photobooth was super chaotic. That’s all I can summarise.


The event ended at about 10.30am. Went back home to sleep after that! ahahaha!


And this is the balloon sculpture they were giving out as well.


Ate at Vegan Burger for dinner. We had to cross this big field in order to get to the place and there was some ongoing getai. Kinda grossed out with stepping onto mud and seeing some flying organisms hovering above the grass.


Btw the hotdogs are actually made of tofu.


Guess which one is mine?


Everyone ordered Pepper Mayo. Because that is the cheapest! Anyway the fries are better than McDonald’s one cos you can taste the potato and it is less salty.


And this is mum



So national day in summary: A symphony of random noises of different frequencies and accents, an artpiece of people of different nationalities who leave no empty space on the canvas. Gosh you should really check out the public transport on public holidays like this. Maybe next time I should learn levitation in MRTs so that I will not put my foot at risk of being trodden on or get ran over by wheeled objects.

Other random updates. Currently the 2 songs I am addicted to listening are the Banana song and the Smurf theme song.

Yeah I guess that’s about it. Going for my 1st shelter duty later. No lessons since tutorial hasnt started so why not? 😀 Anyway I wont be updating that often since school is starting soon and my posts will be relegated back to those moopy and depressing ones. Woops!


Went with the usual to Playnation at Prinsep Street. Charges for board games is $9.90 per pax (went on public hol) for 4 hours with free flow of drinks. And 4 hours is rather short provided if the game you are playing is very addictive. And compared to other places like nebo or settler’s cafe, playnation rates are quite cheap. Drinks provided are lemon honey or peach tea, which are rather sweet. So that means…you are on a sugar rush! Perfect for the mood to play games.

Here are just some of the games we played. If you completely have no idea how the game works, the staff there will explain it to you.

So yeah this is Dixit. It’s rather subjective and interpretations are relative. You can go very philosophical, abstract, literal, common sense or unpredictable. Or just be a troll and throw out a card if you cant find a matching card for the given phrase! And if you understand the mind of your friend very well, it will be an easy guess.

2013-08-08 14.14.35



These are the cards. Quite fantasy like. Reminded me of Jimmy Liao’s drawings. Both use a lot of color and exaggerated styles.

2013-08-08 14.15.01



Yup and we played Ugly Ugly Ugly!!!!! Be prepared to bang tables, shout/scream, and laugh at MK who goes off-pitch when he shouts. Beware of those who use force to snatch the cards and those who deliberately create a ‘false’ false alarm.

2013-08-08 14.17.22


2013-08-08 15.40.52



So yup the 4 of us with the ugly cards. And notice that the walls of the cafe are also painted with ugly dolls (actually there is one at the ceiling as well)

2013-08-08 15.57.37



Also played Dirty Minds. Like what the name suggests, expect pervertic content. Only for 17 years and above ahahahaha!!!! Seriously we were all stunned when we have to guess an object and the clues are written in sexual lingo. But still it was really funny!!!!

2013-08-08 16.42.57


And here is the 4 of us!



Other games we played. Didnt take a pic of every single one of them. Pass the bomb is a test of your english vocab with this toy bomb which goes off randomly. You have to pass from one player to the next after saying the word corresponding to the card. So if you have a mind block…ahahaha.


Slapagories is suggesting an object which fits the chosen theme. So it’s a bit similar to Ugly where you have to hit the board when you know the answer. But then the object we say out is also subjective. Anyway we played this after playing Dirty Mind so let me tell you what happened during 1 of the rounds

Category: In the Bedroom

Alphabet chosen: S

Me: Sex!

The rest: -_-


Ooga is a bit similar to Ugly as well which also tests your reactions. And the pictures are wayy complicated and flowery so be prepared to test your eyesight. But it is damn cool when you grab the cards using a pump


Yeah that’s about it. They also offer video console gaming but frankly speaking I would prefer board games since video games really strain the eyes. It’s ok if you dont like some of the games since there is no one size fits all, but I can promise that there is something that you will definitely like from the broad selection they have.


Was reading my past diary entries in my recent diary book out of boredom. Was kind amazed by my initial optimism during the start of the semester. Like how I believed that I can deal with difficulties and decisions along the way as the semester progresses. Like how I believe that things will be fine as long as you just put in your effort and go with the flow. Envisioning the future which will be something I expected.

What am I getting now? Facing a lot of disappointments when I have already ate so much rubbish. Feeling scared and lonely but with no one able to understand my worries. I gave up on planning my life. Because things will never turn out the way you want them to be. Contrary to popular saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. But regardless of whether I plan, I still fail. That’s basically my life.  I just live week by week nowadays. That is probably the best survival skill and the most practical one to avoid setbacks.

Just wondering when I will recover my vibrancy. But I guess it wont last long anyway.

Old problems still persist, like being forever alone and the fear of losing friends. It is so difficult to make true friends when people just come and go in your life. I still have the stupid weakness of having too much faith in human nature. I just cant accept the fact that not everyone is as nice as I thought. The world is not a utopian one. What should I do in this case? Just laugh along with them but carry on with my own decisions? Or to listen to their advice because it may mean for my own good?

Uncertainties still linger, like finding a new family in the community, making module decisions, whether my studies will improve and about family issues. What is my place in school? Where do I belong? What is my mission and purpose for landing myself here, as a rather mediocre student? At this juncture, how am I going to carry on with my life and run this race? What is fate supposed to be? Is it for you to follow or to change?

I am at crossroads now. It is a new academic year out there for me to construct. But where do I begin, and how should I face my worries? As you grow up, the more complicated simple things are to you.