Silat Primary School

Here you have it. Silat Primary School from different angles. That building which froze in time in the middle of busy roads. That building which caught my attention 2 years ago. Nothing has changed.

Taken with DSLR, no filter.

And I wonder how was life back then.

IMG_4289 IMG_4291 IMG_4295 IMG_4296 IMG_4300 IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4309 IMG_4310 IMG_4313 IMG_4314 IMG_4315 IMG_4316 IMG_4318


The Haze highlights (and updates of the week)

The infamous haze from Indonesia. So much happened within a  hazy period. Bilateral relations sour a little as Indonesian leaders called Singapore’s reaction to the haze as “behaving like little children”, unethical sellers on the internet selling n95 masks at sky high prices in the black market, many many facebook jokes made about the haze to brighten up the drab day, and also witnessing the kind acts done by humanity such as the distribution of herbal tea and masks to the needy.

Here is my favourite internet joke from SGAG: Instagram just released a new filter called “Haze”, there is no opt-out option”.

Memorable PSI readings include the 100 jump from 190 to 290 on wednesday night which invited many more jokes saying that the PSI is trying to beat the top scorer of PSLE. (Need to wear mask to camwhore. lol)


Then PSI on Thursday afternoon reached 376. Once we got out of Town Plaza to eat lunch at Stephen Riady centre there was a super burnt smell. While we were eating we saw 2 chaps outdoors playing frisbee in the haze. Pure madness. Anyway the prof wore a n95 mask to school and asked us to get one, when those masks are out of stock.

Even more epic reading is when the PSI reading hit 401 on Friday noon. Initially had a project meeting at Mcdonalds but did it at home through facebook instead. And here is how it looks like during PSI 401. No filter, I swear!

20130621_112335 images

My mum decided to spray water with peppermint oil to freshen up the stuffy air inside the house and we got into a battle:


Then Indonesia finally rained artificial rain over the forest fires. Finally saw clear blue skies yesterday and today. But as usual, the Singapore government garrrison mentality says: The haze will come back. Be prepared! (Cos Malaysia declared emergency in haze areas) 20130622_133808

What I found it sweet was that Indonesian friends are apologising on facebook on behalf of the government for the haze, even though it is not their fault. Awwwwww~

In other news…  my outfit of the day taken last last friday when I went shopping. The tulip pendant is for self-defence purposes. On a side note I am going to master Madeleine Albright’s jewel diplomacy cos it is a life skill for women.


Went to National Museum for project. When we got out of the place the haze already made the air smell like barbecue pit.  Only 2 pics here. I am already sick of that place.  20130617_151610


Went to Changi Museum on Wed. Passed by Singapore flyer and marina bay sands area. Entire place covered with haze until you can only see the outline of MBS.



Bought this for fun to suck, felt cheated in the end. Cos was expecting the ring to have some shape after you eat the lollipop part away but instead it is just a stick. And sucking that lollipop makes my tongue feel very puckery.


Dont know why my front camera automatically put on a haze filter. I swear I didnt alter this pic at all. This is just a preview of what I will be blogging next. 20130623_203901

Tomorrow is MONDAY!!!! Going to Penang for field trip on friday. Roar.

Prata, Risk, KTV, laughter

This is a severely backlogged post. I am so tired and busy everyday and assignments are piling up. Plus the haze is making me even more tired. And I havent even blogged about the haze. 

FINALLY had a reunion with the co.! Everytime since last year when we planned to have one, someone cant make it. The most recent black sheep was me cos my dad had to go for his last min op. Anyway MK’s friend RY joined us for lunch. (And I didnt know they gave me so many nicknames when I introduced myself) 

Had prata. The prata below is a destroyed tissue prata by MK. The waiter served my tissue prata on a separate plate and I wanted to put it on my main plate. So while I was transferring the prata to the main plate, the top cracked off and the prata dropped onto the plate. Then everyone was laughing and YH held up her tissue prata without it cracking to insult me. In the end MK held up my tissue prata and forgot who was saying next time everyone should buy a tissue prata and have a prata dangling competition. Then MK dropped my prata and he sort of kiapped it with his body. In the end I have to finish that prata cos I didnt want to waste my money!! 

2013-06-16 12.39.59

Then the usual camwhore and capturing of unglam shots at MK’s house. This is KY and me! (4 continuous shots). The 3rd shot is unintended. 

2013-06-16 13.25.492013-06-16 13.26.38

2013-06-16 13.26.412013-06-16 13.26.40

YH and MK. One moo-moo and one man-kee.

2013-06-16 13.25.192013-06-16 13.41.452013-06-16 13.42.30

YH is the 鼻涕虫 for today. Get well soon, woman!

2013-06-16 13.34.47

The 4 of them without me! I am the good guy who decided to play as the photographer. So you miss my funny face. 

2013-06-16 13.48.22

The game of risk. Not suitable for a history student like me cos I found it disturbing when one country is attacking another which did not happen in real life. Maybe it fits another group of history students who study war stratagems. Or maybe investors cos they put a lot of money in one basket while they spread out the rest in other plates. Anyway KY became an American cos she conquered the whole of America. ahahaha.

And here is my advice: Never ever take into consideration geopolitics or historical events while playing this game. If not you will just blow your mind. Like me!!! 

Me: Next time should make my students play this game during history lesson.

YH: She will make the students play and play again until they get their history facts correct. 

2013-06-16 13.46.32

2013-06-16 14.06.53

After that we got bored and sang ktv. Imitated the dance revolution characters on youtube and sang Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart literal version. Until we have no more songs to sing! We didnt sing the usual Harlem Yu or Hebe Tian. Just plain tired of it I guess. 

Digression. Check out her literal video here! Best line: “There is nothing else to shoot, so zoom camera under this arch” 

Anyway literal videos are created when the original song lyrics dont make sense to the music video. It is just singing off what you see in the music video. Like when you see a dove flying slowly in the vid you sing “slow-mo dove” or when the person in the video shakes someone’s hand, you sing “I am totally shaking his hand” 

4 more of my favourites!: 

Rick Roll Favourite line :”Where my shadow go? Where my shadow go? Here it is!”

Billie Jean Fav line: “Watch me light up the bed while I fake a Jedi death. That girl wont wake up (She must be tired).”

-Friday Fav line: “Smiling Smiling, 13 year old driving. But he wont get hurt cos we used a greenscreen”

-Sweet Dreams Fav line: “Another field of cows. Out of my way you stupid cows” 

Addicted to hugging MK’s soft toys. KY said “Dont anyhow make them kiss!”

2013-06-16 15.28.40

MK’s addictive cheese biscuits

2013-06-16 15.52.01

So yup I am so happy that we can have a reunion! Did you notice my narration got lesser and lesser for every photo? I am really beat now. Yawn. The house is so stuffy cos we closed all windows to prevent the haze from coming in and all the fans in the house are operating at maximum capacity. Will blog about the haze now. (Procrastination of assignment 101) 

Lessons in Life

Never ever share your problems with anyone.

No one gives a shit about it.

Everyone is just glad that they are not the one in trouble.

Which is why I dont want to waste my efforts telling anyone my worries.

Because from the response I gather, they wont care.

Like a wild animal in the Africa savannah, I hunt for my own food.

I deal with my own problems without turning to others for help.

Because the world is a selfish and uncaring place where everyone is just concerned with their own survival.

No one is willing to take up an extra burden helping someone else which has no benefit to them.

Yes, the world out there is a cruel one.

It’s better to trust your own instincts and depend on yourself.

After one summer school…

Finally done with one summer school. Next up is FASStrack asia. My brain is not in the study mode yet. Everyday for the past week is just coping with new foreign steps (to me, at least). And playing my piano.

Somemore I am having those days where I want to bring my piano with me wherever I go. I havent been practicing faithfully during the school term. (sorry piano teacher!!) But now when I resume practicing, it is addicting and I feel like sitting in front of the piano playing it for the whole day.

Back to topic of CSTD summer school… 90% of the class consist of SOTA students, much to my horror. So it is a nightmare dancing in a class with so many students who are more professional and knows nearly everything in the dance dictionary. I wont compare myself with them cos they practice everyday while I just go for classes weekly (I dont have so much time to go for so many lessons lah. I am a busy woman!). Sometimes I will just blank out cos the information is too overwhelming to handle. Although I can use the tactic of acting professional but still get the step wrong at the same time, but I cant even remember what that sequence of steps are. Major win.

Anyway it was a fruitful learning experience. At least I can discover my limits and potential, and my brain can process information faster cos I am forced to work things out and remember them instantaneously. Seriously, I wonder how SOTA students can just remember this long chain of steps when they are only taught once. Maybe I should just go for more open classes but I am broke and I have no time. Excuses.

CSTD summer school next year? Maybe. I dont know. I want to go for internship so that I can feel secured with a job experience and network since my CAP at this rate isnt going to get me anywhere. And looking at my financial situation it may become even worse next year. But then I want to use the break to do something which I like and attempt more dance genres. Roar.

Going for fasstrack asia orientation tomorrow! Signing off with this shirt which we wore for the performance opening


1st year experiences

So yup I got my results… and my cap is stagnant. I cant f***ing believe it. Well at least it didnt drop if not I will be cursing and sussing at god-knows-who for the entire week. Anyway I have decided to change my minor to China studies. That hy2253 made my result so ugly (hy2232 as well). Maybe I am not so religious/philosophical/enlightened after all. It isnt too late, I hope. (If I S/U that module my cap will be more good looking but apparently I cant S/U a minor module. $%#@!)

To sound more depressing I feel so tired. I dont know how much more I can go. I feel very strained yet I want to push myself further. I dont know where I have gone wrong because I have my own blind spots. I need someone to tell me so that I can improve. But who is that someone? Where can I get the assurance? I dont know how I am going to cope next semester cos I am going into tutoring to ease the financial issues at home (and to test whether I am really going to become a history teacher next time lol).

For the entire academic year I feel as though I am making hasty decisions, only to regret them later. Regardless of joining a student community or choosing my modules. Although people say you only live once and not to be afraid when trying out new things, but the damage has already been done. I cant turn back the time. It is true that you are the one who make the best out of your experience in uni and that experience is an individual construct. But with all the outcomes, I feel really dejected and uncertain what I should do.

1 year has passed and I am still lost. The road ahead is so unpredictable. The environment here just give me doubts with every step I take. But I still have to survive in the wilderness.

Updates (and I have trypophobia!)

Spent 5 days in hospital taking care of my dad who just went through a major operation. Really grateful to the medical staff of Gleneagles Hospital who took great care of him as well as relatives and friends who visited and extended their support to us in some way or another.

As for financial problems we are lucky enough as my dad’s company will be taking care of it. But I will have to scrimp a bit to prepare for uncertain times.

So here is my dad and mum who is photobombing the background (#nofilter again as I am lazy)


Lovely flowers from my friend. She also bought chicken essence for him but he doesnt drink them so I used it for exam purposes. My aunt wants the sunflower so that she can shake the seeds off and grow sunflowers.


(updates eating into June but I just want to complete the week)

Went to visit the block of flats on Sunday where we will be holding our next Bread From Sky project. The area consist of interim flats situated near the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The flats were formally worker dormitories who work at the railway. It is really peaceful and provides a stark contrast between the quiet block of flats and the busy roads out there. Dont mind living here but it is inconvenient with other anemities. Anyway I was hardworking enough to add bokeh, filters and other effects. I love S4 camera!

Anyway, a pic of a cat with no filter.


From the walkway of the 1st storey


The former worker dormitory given a new coat of paint with a splash of energy to make the place less gloomy. (The sky is blue but I added the selective effect)


The slow pace of life


Unoccupied units


Renaments of the old railway. To remind us that it existed.


Away from the city into an environment of serenity.


Seems as though time just froze here.


Arugh that’s just me and my fetish with the abandoned areas of Singapore.

Also went to the flea market organised by Seng Poh RC. Forgot to take picture of the scene. Sianz. Look at the Seng Poh RC facebook page for pictures lah. Went there at 9am and around 12.20 cos of my super tight and untimely Sunday schedule. There is a stall selling hello kitty mcdonald soft toys from the 2000s at 30 bucks per pair. Anyway here is my haul. I am super broke now.

2nd hand clothes. Quite branded one somemore! ClubMarc, Miss Selffridge, Dorthy Perkins and some unknown brand andriod t-shirt.

Bought the black-white hoodie during my 2nd trip there, didnt get to look through everything the 2nd time cos was being rushed by the operation team leader asking where I was. So being the typical Singaporean I told him I am on the way while I was still shopping. I didnt regret visiting the distribution place cos it added awesome pictures to my phone gallery, but still I miss shopping!! Shopping at flea markets and pasar malams are so addicting!! (especially when you have so many things to buy)


I dont know what happened to that missing diamante!!!! I swear it was there when I bought it! Just pretend you didnt see it. This was the most expensive buy of all can. (heartpain)


A starry necklance.


Daisies and dragonflies.


wired up ring.


Have to wait for the next one in dec! My aunt was saying that we should go grab a table to clear off our barang but I  doubt there will be someone who is interested in my stuff. Sekali end of the day we make a loss somemore! I dont have clothes and accessories to sell because I am deprived of them. (alright I am lying. I just dont want to part with them)

Tomorrow is Cstd summer school and I am not even in bed yet. Starting to get a bit anxious about 4 June cos it is release of results. Major sianz.

Oh and I just discovered that I have trypophobia, which is the fear of asymmetrical tiny holes and clusters. It all started with this stupid picture posted on facebook about someone’s legs having a lot of hole marks and I got really uncomfortable (The person is just masochistic). Previously I have seen other images such as an object having many holes in an enclosed space and experienced the same feeling but I couldnt find the exact word to describe my condition. Something like lotus pods and beehives. They just make me super irritated I will start scratching myself cos I am afraid that those holes will start growing on my skin!!! Anyway one way to get rid of the phobia is to either stare at the image (confront the problem itself) or to completely forget about it. I cant decide which is a viable solution! Will blog it into a full post when I discover something that works.