I was really sick yesterday. Started off with gastric pain, puked my dinner and breakfast. In case one wonders why I didnt puke my lunch out, i had yong tao foo from the arts canteen. My, that is SOME food. Even my digestive system refuses to reject it.

After that had a really bad headache. Slept for a few hours and woke up with a fever. 38.5 degrees. Went to see the doc and he suspected it was dengue. WTF?!?!?! I dont even recall being bitten by anything for the past few months! He even asked me to go back for a blood test tomorrow but now my temperature is back to normal. In fact I am really feeling quite fine except that my head is a bit groggy from sleeping too much. Really thankful for that.

Living on porridge right now. I am super hungry when i look at those pics showing good food on blogs!!!!! Save me!!!


Last lecture of my 1st year!

I am feeling reflective so let me make this quick.

My 1st lecture of my 1st year is GEK1502. Now come to think of it I kinda regretted taking this module. GEK1542 sounded more appealing! I will see how it goes then. I remembered myself being really surprised when the lecture ended at the 35th minute and ended up asking this year 4 girl sitting next to me whether it is a normal thing! I remember we were learning about nutrients and I forgot what I learnt. Woops.

My last lecture of my 1st year is HY2232. I didnt regret taking this module cos the unconventional arguments forced me to rethink about Japan history. Today we learnt about the lost decade and how it isnt viewed in conventional economic terms. Instead it is how people grow disillusioned with the conventional norm of happiness, in regards to secure life and stable society. They start finding alternatives as a solutions to their questions on life. Also learnt about how Japan faced the waves of globalisation which had an effect on starting the search for identity and how we define ourselves.

So much has changed in an academic year (although exams arent over yet). I got outbidded for SC1101E for a reason. I got attracted to religious studies for a reason. I decided to major in history because I cant bear to give it up after 6 years of experience (thats my reason). Everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes I wonder how my life will turn out if I accepted NTU’s sociology programme instead. I might be enjoying myself. I might end up regretting. I dont know what will happen and I dont want to know either. But since I have decided to take the history and religious studies path, i hope to complete the 1st lap well. I am willing to commit no matter what it takes.

Anyway, the haze is killing my throat. Those idiots burning the forests somewhere in Indonesia are really considerate people. I wont be surprised if they end up suffocating inside the burnt forest itself.

Finally…my new display pic for my whatsapp:


YH: Wah u need to put the eu hist book as dp ah? Lol
Me: Cos eu history is too mysterious
YH: Lol leh u
      So hardworking
      I would have left it alone to be the mystery it is lol

Back to work!


I am not dead yet!

Finally done with EU1101E simulation. I am just damn glad that it is over so that I can concentrate on my revision. 

In the end… we didnt join the League of Nations cos the rest of the nations didnt support signing free trade agreements with one another. Not because of opposition by the senate and the home front. hahahaha. 

Thought money makes the world go round. 

Anyway some things I learnt:

-Seriously, I dont know what on earth President Wilson is thinking about at that time. All these grandiose ideas like Self-determination and General association of nations. If the bible has the 10 commandments, the world has 14 points.

-And how on earth did he come up with this idea of dividing up eastern europe according to ethnicity, when its so difficult to demarcate boundaries on the map? (I know on paper just use a pencil and ruler to draw lines lah. If only we can also do that to the real world!). Eastern side somemore. what does that got to do with US?

-I think he very poor thing lor 😦 He has been campaigning around for self-determination and the league but he faced so much opposition. Even his own people didnt support him. Oh well this is America. But I HATE his racism cos Ho Chi Minh was appealing to him to grant self-determination for the “insufficiently enlightened” communities but he drove Ho away. Alright now come to think of it Ho Chi Minh more poor thing. 

Anyway, I was kinda surprised he remembered my project date. Today morning he smsed me wishing me good luck for my presentation. Somemore it was raining this morning and he jokingly asked if I needed a blanket. (anyway the weather is hot like f**k now) and it made my morning! If only he appeared at my doorstep. haha not possible lah he is in camp! 

If he wants to pop the question he will have a super long way to go. I learnt my lesson twice and I wont be so compromising and give in easily this time. 

*slap myself awake. Stop daydreaming!*


My faith in humanity is not yet resorted because of the DPRK impending launch of missiles and the recent Boston bombings. 

Wish DPRK will stop acting funny and start scaring the world. But upon hearing of the Boston bombings, I thought it was planned by DPRK. (Until I got told off by my mum for talking rubbish)

Sometimes i just wish DPRK will disintegrate and give its citizens some justice. There is nothing wrong with the DPRK civilians. The problem lies with the leaders. At the same time I hope I can make it in time for a visit there! If DPRK collapses I doubt I will be able to gawk at those gigantic bronze statues of the Kims. They will just pull them down and flash it all over the headlines of the world. Then I will start regretting like shit why I didnt sign up for any DPRK tour earlier. 

Moving on to other news…..

I am addicted to listening to the music by S.E.N.S! Addiction started when someone played S.E.N.S ‘s Forbidden Love during the recital held by Cristofori. But I am too lazy to find the piano score now. (Meanwhile I am finding more excuses to justify my laziness)

Pet society is closing on 14 June. That should stop my mum’s addiction. But I am kinda sad cos it has been around for 4/5 years and it will be just gone like this! Can you believe it? My pet will just disappear like that! In cyberspace! (On a side note I gave up playing long ago so my mum took over my account)

and last of all I saw this pic on my FB feed


I have seen the things I never want to see again. Life is sometimes hell for me. Sometimes, I really have my doubts over religion. Are you sure it works? 

To quote from God which I find it really true (although it is satirical): 

HUMAN: God…why is it the higher my education, the less I believe in you?

GOD: It’s true. The more you learn, the less likely you are to believe in Me. Why do you think I wanted to keep humans from the Tree of Knowledge? All I can say is, fuck you science.

And it isnt just science. It is also the humanities. Look at the philosophical ideas that breed during the Enlightenment. Why do you think the French wanted to destroy the catholic church during the French revolution?  

so yup that’s all for now. Time to catch up on my revision like crazy.

It never rains but pours

Day starts off fine.

Then some shit happened which opened the floodgates of disappointment, stress and demoralisation.

Super tired and drained to think of anything else. Mind goes blank whenever I am stressed or depressed and I will end up talking rubbish. So I rather not talk.

Decided to escape from the world but my escape was too long.

Sometimes I really can sleep for long spans of hours. Is it just because I am tired, or is it because I am too coward-y to face reality?

How true of the proverb that misfortunes never come single-handedly. Thy overwhelm you when you are least expecting them. I wonder when life will have enough of playing tricks on me. It isnt fun at all.

Photojournal Updates

Just to show that I have a life instead of being cooped at home studying:

Not mine lah. RX’s squishies. You know, those pressy things. Her class is having a craze with them. (and she sent me these pics)


Ice cream with YH some wednesday ago at Maggie Moo.

Me: My hair looks F***ed in this pic (and I wanted to say my face too. Excuse given: Cos I am rushing through my term papers so I have a lot of stress pimples popping out)

YH: I am not anywhere better cos I am not even looking at the camera


Damn small packet of drink (YH’s)


Looking forward to play with my new Fuwa Fuwa Mousse clay set! (Meanwhile it is rotting away and collecting dust somewhere on my table)


Some Goodie Bag Kindness Movement (and some sotong-ness on my part.)

The day before I asked YH to help me buy something at the U-town bazzar cos J wanted me to get something there. The next day I found this paper bag on my seat with a message written on it. I thought it was the paper bag to hold J’s thing inside so I just put it into my bag. Then during my eu lecture YH whatsapped me saying that the J’s thing is still with her, while all along I thought J’s thing was in the bag! So it turns out that you have to put something in/leave one of the existing items in the bag and pass it on to someone else by leaving it on the table.

(and yes I took a photo and even took the effort to put in a filter. AND I EVEN COLLAGED IT. But I didnt tag @nussupru. TOO BAD!)


So here’s what I took (there was another pack of peanuts inside but I didnt take cos I am avoiding peanuts for the time being. Acne problems and I dont want anymore shit happening to my face!!!) Yup and I purikura-ed this one!


My new phone (as if)


Feeling the Rain


Hi Trevor, Are you willing to replace me for my EU simulation project?


Sketch of the feisty Clemenceau. I shall present this to all those who are representing France for the project. They gonna love me!


It doesnt look obvious here but there is a stye in the interior of my right eye right now when I am typing this entry. Super worried and angst about it. So you know what that means…….


NO SNACKING! (unlucky timing cos I just got my exam welfare pack given out by the faculty. So now I just have to be a disciplined person and exercise self-control. Fml. It gets damn unsightly when it pops out so I just hope it dissolves itself in the interior of my eye. I suffered that a few times last year so I decided to be a good student and read up about it.) I feel really sad when I look at this photo:

the good stuff from the welfare pack! (thinking of putting inverted commas for ‘good’ but I dont know if I should.) There is also foolscap, a damn sturdy folder and 3 more adverts/vouchers. Last semester I remembered there is instant noodles. and someone posted on the confessions page that he found feminine wipes inside the bag. (walao why I dont have when it is for females?!?!?!)


So yup that’s all for now. Till then!

10 annoying Facebook posts

Wonder how many facebook users have felt this way upon looking at these posts. For me personally these are the 10 particular habits which I really dislike to see when I scroll through my newsfeed. And I admit that I am guilty of some habits too! Below are close to 100% imitations of the posts which annoyed the hell out of me. Everything is purely coincidental except for the 1st pic.

1 The 1 Like= 1 Respect post


My Comment: I dont give a shit. Go ahead and lecture me for being heartless.

2. Vaguebookers




My Comment: Hello? I dont think there is any facebook user who has a PhD in mind reading. How on earth are we supposed to know if that is a cry for help or you are just messing around with the status updates?

3.  The very loving boyfriend/girlfriend

-“I really love my darling we experienced so much then finally we can be together……..

15 min later: I mad mad mad love my wife because she is the best wife in the world and no one can ever replace her in my heart we will be together forever 3344 even until we die we will still be together……..

15 min later: Whoever scold my wife I will come after you and kill you because it shows you are jealous and forever alone my wife is the best and i will not let anyone snatch her away so you all better stay away from her” (ohh. turning passive aggressive?)

(and the status only generates 2 likes- from the BF and GF)

My comment: 


4. The social media muddlehead

-“I went shopping today with my friends! Haha so fun we bought a lot of things! @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 #shopping #happy #tiredbuthappy #shoppingmakesmehappy #nomoneyfornow”

-“@friend1 omg check out this video the guy is so HWAT! the girls will be crazy with his 6 packs @friend2 @friend3 #hwatguy #love6packs #newlove”

My Comment: Excuse me, this is facebook, not facetwitgram! (speaking of which, how cool is this logo?)


5. The zealous Christian

Psalm 95:2-3 Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.  For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.


My Comment: Sorry Christians, I know in Acts 1:8 that we “will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” But the more you post, the more annoyed people will get. So it defeats the whole purpose of evangelism. (alright I will not comment further if not I will get whacked)

6. The proud parent

-“My son scored high distinction in the New South Wales Competition in the subjects of math, science and english! So proud of you!”

-“My son just did his first poop on the toilet bowl! Well done!”

-“My daughter got champion in the chess competition organised by the community centre! She is the youngest contestant around! Mummy loves you xoxo”

My Comment: I dont give a shit about you child’s achievements. Is your child a humaniod robot from outer space? No one likes braggat

7. Le Foodporners

-The one who posts about his breakfast/lunch/dinner nearly every single day.

My comment: are you asking us to count your calories?

-The one who foodporns his food which are not even facebook-worthy. Something like this:

“Handmade chocolates!”


8. The model couple

You know. Pics of couples kissing, gazing lovingly at one another, sitting on each other’s lap, lying on the bed/grass and taking all those couple shots…..any intimate couple photos enough to make a forever alone person feel really forever alone.

My Comment: Have some respect for your own privacy. And go fuck somewhere else, not in front of the camera

9. Screen shots of whatsapp conversations

-with your friends tagged

-and the conversation teleports from whatsapp to the facebook comment

My Comment: I have no fucking interest in your lame chats with your gossipy friends.

10. The Beggar

“Hi everyone! Please help to like this page cos it means the whole life to me. Share this post on your wall as well cos the pages needs more likes! Thank you for your support I love you all! xxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo”

My comment: stop that fucking shameless advertising. so what if you page has 1 billion likes but no one gives a damn on what it is about?

Yup so thats what I got for now. And the list goes on. I am guilty of foodporn, but only when the food looks quirky. Isnt it interesting to observe annoying personalities on a social media platform? On a side note I can write a post exclusively on foodporners and lovey-dovey couples. Next time then!