Survival guide to spending Valentine’s day….ALONE!

This entry is already severely late! But most importantly I survived it. Well I didnt have any relationship that was able to live through vday, but being in a new environment where people tend to be more open about matters changed my mindset as well. I feel a little miserable everytime when I see couples around cos it kind of reminds me that something in me is missing and I just lacked that kind of couple love. So if you happen to be yearning for a lover’s presence, caress and to surrender to his love,but have no such person to celebrate with you during vday, dont feel depressed. Here are some of my advice on how to get through this day. Ready?

1. Start off the day wishing everyone happy single independence day!

Screw the valentines. If there is a day for couples, there should be a day for singles too! But since there is no official date for that,why not just be a troll celebrate it alongside with vday? Furthermore if you celebrate world aids day with no aids, you can also celebrate vday as a single! Write your well wishes for singles on facebook and be prepared to get likes.


2. avoid all social media after posting your status.

Bet everyone will be dying by then! But during this period of time, your facebook walls will be flooded with photos of roses, couples,bears and chocolates. Why look at all these love professing when you will get gloomy after that? It is your day to proclaim your freedom.Show it to couples that your lives are better off than them,without the need to tolerate quarrelling and accomodating and looking at black faces. But first you have to stop flooding yourself with images and posts which you know that you will be upset with after looking at them.

3. Mindset is important

Think happy thoughts! Dont think of your failed relationships if you see couples cuddling in a corner. Jealousy kills and depressing minds just ruin your day. Be happy, stay hopeful, carry yourself confidently.

4.Have a meet up with your single friends!

YH and I went to get Koi after lecture ended. Had a great time gossiping about the lecturers and cracking horrid jokes about them. Tell jokes and laugh at your own jokes, like a chemical catalyst product catalysing its on reaction! Laughing really makes you forget about your problems. In fact, laugh everyday.

5. eat healthy

does this bowl of fruit salad look tasty? (Photo


By the look of it I am already tempted to eat it! Get rid of all the guilty feeling you are going to get from eating chocolate and drinking alcohol. Or worse, binge eating to get over your misery. Indulge yourself in fruit salad instead simly because it is a health food and you will get glowing after finishing one bowl of it. And feel happy after that!

6. Dont succumb to temptation

Believe it or not, this was actually sold in school during vday: (photocredit:


I felt like buying it! But people gonna judge me if they see me wear this shirt! You dont have to proclaim your singlehood by degrading youself to a white, wrinkled, big-head troll. Instead just be confident and proud about it. Personality and a smile is more important in winning over what you deserve (I need to work on that too!). All valentine day promotions are just a commercial way of attracing people to waste money. And money cant get you everything. What are you going to do with that shirt in 10 years time?

Alright, that’s all from me. These strategies kept me alive for vday, and supposedly for the rest of my single life until I find someone….or remain happily single for the rest of my life! Meanwhile, be yourself, stay confident!


Plain mad

Only wore this shirt once. And now I have to throw it away.


It didnt cost cheap although I got it at a discounted price. I liked the design cos the inner layer was sewn to the jacket, which was suitable for lecture hall environments. In fact I was so looking forward to getting it washed and wearing it to school the day after CNY.

There was something wrong with the cloth material for the jacket beforehand but I didnt pay attention to it. Some weird smell was coming from the cloth. I thought maybe it was the smell of new clothes, so after a few washes the smell will wear off. I dislike it when people have shirt odours and I didnt want to be one example myself, and I thought maybe the smell will diffuse into the air even if it cant be completely got rid of.

Then for the entire time I was in school today nothing much happened to the shirt. But when I got home and put it into the wash the color started running and it took 3 washes before the color run stopped. Color of water a dark as squid ink. And when I hung the shirt out to dry I discovered numerous and huge tears. Smell even stronger than before. In fact I was standing at half arm distance and I could detect it.


enough said. I have enough. Does anyone know the pain of spending money on something which can only be used once? And I have to emphasize that it doesnt come cheap. How on earth do producers produce clothes? Why on earth are we even buying it when it will be spoilt in a split second?

No use complaining. I could have given a word of advice like ‘be careful what you  buy next time’ or ‘do some research on the clothing origins before you buy the shirt’. But if you have trust in the clothing brand, why would you bother to go look up for its credentials?

CNY eve

Finally it’s here! Went to Chinatown as usual in the late morning to get my annual supply of jelly and mochi. Feeling super heavy cos the entire haul was worth 4.5kg and I also brought my dslr along. Anyway I managed to snap pictures of the 2 snakes there.

This is the main snake at the busier roads of Chinatown. Apparently its head was altered as people complained that it looked frightening. (Photocredit from But I found it kind of cute. The eyebrows reminded me of Bert from sesame street somehow.



So here is the newly revamped snake with no eyebrows.



Taken from an overhead bridge. That’s the maximum my camera could go. Cant blame me cos camera was a hand-me-down.


And here is the gold snake in the chinatown alley ways. Is it just me or does it really resemble a sperm?



This is the Wishing Tree organised by Community Chest. Just write your wish for the new year and throw it up the tree. It didnt come true for me last year, so I guess it will be the same for me this year. In fact I have already forgotten what I wished for last year. Alamak.



Only 4 simple wishes from me but with profound meaning behind.


More pics around the main road. Angular chinese zodiac characters. I find it quite non-conventional as compared to the usual structure where the animals look like animals.





Shops along the tourist area



I feel like I have entered into some magical place when I step into shops with hanging decorations.


Ang-moh family fascinated with a toy that acts like a real animal



Every year we have problems trying to deal with the sellers of the mochi and jelly stall. They charge purchases per kilo and they might have altered their weighing scales to squeeze the money out of us. There are usually 2 stalls from the same company but one stall will be selling the goods at lower prices with some extra goods. But both stalls mostly sell the same thing. The guy at the weighing machine will drop the bag on the weighing platform and whisk it off before the needle settles. Then he will say that the weight of your purchase is not a whole number and throw in a lot of extras to make up for the weight. If the stuff he throws in is not what you like then good luck! This year we got a lot of 脆梅 jellies. I dislike eating 梅 but apparently my mum likes it so good for her. Guess I should come up with some strategy to outwit these people.


Haul for the year. I really love the green tea mochi with milk filling which has been introduced since last year. this year’s new product is the chocolate mochi series with sesame/milk/red bean filling. Hope it will be nice!



Alright that’s all for now. Gotta head off for reunion dinner and maybe study a little after that. I wonder who else studies during CNY.

And here is a tip in how to handle the fortune teller’s advice. Dont believe every word he says. Last year the fortune guy on tv said that single roosters will have a higher chance of getting into a relationship if they join more networking activities. I did what he said. And I failed. There is no point letting your life get shaped by another normal human being whom you dont know. It is best to shape it by yourself. No one else controls you life, except you. (Words from a wise person).

Ciao! Happy chinese new year!

Around the neighbourhood

Went to help out in community service packing and distribution event. For packing it was super hectic cos we were shifting stuff here and there and the space constraint is making movement difficult. Anyway I was also tasked to take photos of the entire activity so here are some main highlights: (after eliminating the unpresentable ones)


Looks like a factory line


900 boxes and counting.





What is going on in the other room. Waiting for Moses to partition the red sea.


More packing


Even more packing. Got driven out of the conference room cos of space constraint. Insanity. Next time I suggest doing the packing at the basketball court.



Going on to distribution day…quite slack for a distribution event. The VIPs were doing the job of knocking on every door of the resident. We just had to leave the bag outside the resident’s door and wait for the VIP to come. Sounds a little retarded, to be honest.

A bag of blessings for the new year (Leftovers were deposited in another room. Damn I wanted to take one home!)


The weird moment of leaving the bag outside the door and telling the resident to wait


Action on every level


Even the dog likes it


non-conventional way of reusing plastic bags


VIP doing the job


After that went to shoot around the area and got amazed by the environment of concrete buildings. Pics here have no filter. appreciate them!




Overexposed pic. EEEEP










I cant wait for chinese new year although it is still a few weeks away. Cant wait to go Chinatown to buy mochi and take photos. Cant wait to get money. But I guess I better not daydream for now since stress is piling up.

Time for lunch! Ciao!