Dear 2012, get lost

Summarizing my 2012:

The Good- I am just thankful that I managed to survive this year.

The Bad- Too many to write.

Goals for 2013:

1. Find my comb

It has been missing for days. I cant remember where I last placed it. I hope it is lost somewhere at home and not outside cos I bought it from taiwan and it is made from ox/buffalo horn. Making do with a brush for now which I regretted buying.

2. Increase my CAP

Ahaha. Who doesnt want? Anyway I am still ok with my results regarding last sem’s exam. It kind of assured me that my decision of majoring in history is alright. Initially I wanted to major in sociology but now I cant recall why I had that thought of doing it. But when I didnt get the sociology exposure module, I guess fate has it that I will be married to history for my entire life. Just hoping that I wont get a nightmare when taking religious studies modules.

3. Find that special someone

Alright, I confess I am buckling under the social pressure and temptation because I see many people around me in love. On the surface I just pretend that I am strong enough to wait for what I deserve but deep down I just want to love and to be loved. I want this someone to be my 3rd and last one.

Something which I want it to happen in 2013 but I dont think it will:

I hope level 2000 Malay will be offered during special semester. Seriously I dont mind sacrificing my holiday to go back to study. Could have chosen to study religious studies modules and malay at the same time, but due to all the restrictions and I am not fantastic enough to overload 6 modules, I can only daydream about it.

On a side note, this is my new hobby: (hairstyle not updated though. It is still rather un-photogenic for now.)

2012-12-26 14.25.25

Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

明天是你这本365页新书空白的首页, 好好写下每一句.


Xmas Reverie

RX requested a box of glitter pens as a xmas gift from my grandma some weeks ago, so my mum went to Popular to buy stationery supplies for her and YY. I wont say that my cousin is greedy although she directly stated that she wanted a present. After all she is still a kid. Somemore pens are a sensible gift since she likes to draw so the money will be put into good use. When I was about her age I remember myself asking for more toys. Polly Pocket was still quite in around my era and I was fascinated over rubber substituting cloth as clothes for dolls. My mind did not cross into the thought of requesting for books or stationery as it reminded me of school. Come on, who would be nuts enough to think of school and homework during the holidays?

As I grew older of course I stopped playing toys. But still, the gifts I wanted are still in the materialistic category, ranging from CDs to accessories to bags. I also look forward to receiving a surprise gift from any random person on the day itself although I know that the chances are getting desperately remote. Probably because I am suffering from the so called ‘loneliness’ during the holiday season so the gift represented a signal that I am still accepted. I cant really explain why I tend to be agonised by this loneliness syndrome, just that a related phenomena in Hong Kong was reported in the news and I found myself relating to it.

Then there came a time where I felt that these gifts werent what I want. Even if I did receive something, I would be quite infuriated realising that the gift was useless to me. I would find myself chucking the present in a corner and throwing it out of the house during spring cleaning. There was a struggle between the yearn of being remembered and the gift not meeting my needs/the person doesnt understand me well. I guess xmas gradually lost meaning to me

Last year I started my 1st temporary job. Something like Haken in Japan. When the department celebrated xmas, I was working there for barely 2 weeks and still uneasy with the people around (Apparently I am the kind who takes really long to get comfortable with people). Didnt expect anything for xmas since I am still not on familiar terms with the people there. I didnt get anything for anyone either. My pay was really meagre and I was already scrimping. Imagine my surprise when my colleague actually bought something for me and I presume that it didnt come cheap. But still a part of me felt a little envious when I see people carry bags of gifts home. How nice it felt to be kept in the thoughts of others.

The past year has taught me many lessons and put me through lots of obstacles. Even now I was kind of surprised how I managed to cope with and tolerate all the disillusionment I had all this while. Life was really a let-down to me as I had high hopes for the future after riding on the success wave prior to that. Thereby when things came crashing down on me, it hit me real hard. Time and time again I suffered rejection after rejection, changing my strategy to survive with no apparent success. No matter what game plan I tried, it did not work out in the end. I wondered when the world will come to realise of my talents. Then it dawned on me that I was probably too egoistic and not realising my limits. After all there are people who are better than me whom I cant defeat.

What I want for xmas is not a tangible gift, nor words of affirmation. I just want my life to be smooth sailing in the upcoming year. I have suffered enough this year and seen the things I do not want to see again. Yet I couldnt bring myself to confide into anyone as I felt that they wont be able to understand my feelings and the situation I am in. I am tired of living a rebuffed and disregarded life. I am tired of living in disappointment and empty hope. I dare not to ask for much as I have been already traumatised by this year, in case my wish happen not to come true again. This is something money nor people cannot get for me. I have been doing my best to change my outlook of life to make it less bleak. It is really difficult to change from my old thinking but I believe I will accomplish it.


1On this note I wish the entire world a blessed xmas. 希望全世界的人都能过得幸福. 凡事都不要强求, 只要生活过得简单自在就是幸福.

I just want a better life

The world didnt end today. But of course it shouldnt end. There are so many things not struck off my To-Do List.

I just wish 2013 will be a better one. I have enough of failing throughout this year.

When will be the time when my abilities gain approval?

I am sick of rejection. I just want some acceptance.

When will be the time when people learn how to appreciate me?

I am sick of being taking for granted. I just want someone to respect my feelings.

When will be the time when I can gain the attention of others?

I am sick of camouflaging in the background. I just want some acknowledgement.

When will be the time when I can stop feeling lonely?

I am sick of living my life this way. I just want someone whom I can trust and confide into.

But how is it possible for me to trust people when they end up hurting me?

I will wait for the day when all grievances are addressed and that I can live the life which I want.

Hello Kitty Town @ JB Part 2

Continuing where I have left off

Watched another performance about HK’s heartful journey. Vibrant and entertaining, except that I was a little annoyed by the screaming by the performers.


Lunch at Cinnamoroll cafe. Food service at both cafe joints known to be slow, food is pricey and typical (midas400, 2012) doesnt taste nice/unhealthy (Yiwen_Naisu, 2012) so we brought our own food there. There isnt any sign saying that outside food is not allowed anyway. My mum had coffee while waiting for us and surprisingly she said it wasnt too bad. This is the design of the table:


Other corners of the cafe:



This is the HK friendship land which is for smaller kids. Didnt go inside cos my cousins are over-aged kids. But basically it is just some structures shooting balls that keeps children preoccupied (Jaynechua, 2012).


Introducing the toilets. It was quite clean though. But then the toilet also pms-es and has its dirty days (chinesepinkaddict, 2012). On a side note the management should put DD instead of Badtz for the gents signage instead.


Next we went to Black Wonder. Solve some puzzles to rescue HK and DD who have been kidnapped by Kuromi. At least it is a more refreshing concept. My cousins didnt know what was going on actually. HEH! While waiting for our turn:



Pay attention to details (David JR, 2012) because they will be asked in the questions. Apparently I didnt. Woops! Anyway more important is to take note of the symbol that will be given at the end.

Soalan yang cuba menguji saya apa saya belajar semasa kelas Bahasa Melayu. Tetapi jangan bimbang, juga ada terjemahan Inggeris.



More pics of the place. I shall keep quiet about what is going on inside for now.

Kuromi morphing in 4 different forms


Poor HK and DD locked up





Trying to be a hantu again. But someone decided to monkey see monkey do


This room is rather arid. Be prepared.



This is the certificate that will be awarded upon completion. Didnt mind the grade since I was more absorbed in taking pictures.


Headed to wishful studio to do some hands-on activities. Decorated with tasty looking cookies and homely items, but the queuing can be a little confusing. Waiting time can get horrendous. 2 activities share the same door except that one room is located more inside. Some mafia parents can head to the next room after completing the activity of the front room without queuing (edgrace622,2012). From our experience the cookie painting and costume dress-up took a longer waiting time. Towards closing time expect staff to chase people out (mammiethots, 2012).


Nail studio:

Before entering the staff will hand out nail stickers. Good activity since it is a girl’s dream to doll themselves up and all. However the brand of nail polish wasnt that great. Coat is too thick and takes super long to dry. But B.O. nail polish is well known for its myraid of colors and super cheap prices. The nail polish brushes have split ends which makes application difficult. There is also no nail artist around so mostly the mothers helped their children to apply. Suggest investing in better brands of nail polish, checking the condition of the bottles and standing by nail polish remover.


I didnt apply as I painted my nails prior to the trip. YY gave up after 1 nail, so here is RX painting 3 nails


RX and my nails (pink metallic and white glitter).


ended up snapping pics of the area while waiting for her




Display cases just showing nail polish and stickers. Was looking for HK-ish designs but there isnt!_副本44


Bracelet making:

Personally I like this one cos I like collecting bling and buying accessories. Basically just given one charm and attach it to the bracelet. Used my mum’s card to get another bracelet if not it would be a waste. As advertised on tv there are a wide variety of charms to choose from but in actual fact there is 1 charm given only. Can empathize from the management’s point of view as there will be people grabbing many of them to bring home and HK jewelry is expensive.




Next is the cookie studio. Waiting time was quite long. Just paint a cookie with food coloring here. I didnt want to eat the cookie immediately but there isnt any container provided. If the management still doesnt provide a box to store the cookie, bring a box to standby. In the end I used the coffee cup which my mum drank from to store the cookie.  YY painted the entire HK with brown coloring (looks disturbing) and she didnt want to eat it. RX ate both in the end.



Last activity is costume dress up. this is the queue with the longest waiting time. Not many variety of characters to choose from either. HK and melody for children (cant remember if there is badtz), and melody and badtz for adults. At least the staff is willing to take photographs with the visitors’ personal camera coupled with the professional service provided.


Went to visit the souvenir shop downstairs. Items are expensive so didnt buy any or I didnt need them at the moment (eg bags, wallets, tissue cover). Personally I thought that the build-a-doll would be a good momento for the trip but the size doesnt justify its price tag. Only visited the HK section of the shop.




YY and RX trying to be window displays


Last of all went to Red Bow cafe to chill while waiting for the bus to come. Since it was near towards the end of the day not much food was left, saw the staff apologising to customers when they try their luck ordering food items to see if they are still available.  Had red bow muffin which is actually a typical muffin. So much for that fanciful name. The hot tea also doesnt have milk added (RX drank it).


The design of the table:


This is how RX drinks her tea


Final remarks:

Overall for a die hard HK/Sanrio fan like me I would say it was a nice trip since I can get to satisfy my fan craving. But let me try to sound neutral. As this theme park is opened for barely 2 months, there are bound to be hiccups here and there. Probably more time is needed for the management to experiment around with different expectations in order for the theme park to appeal to more consumers worldwide, being the first to open in Asia outside of Japan, Anyway here is just my 2 cents worth:

To start off, my cousins were disappointed with the lack of rides in the theme park. so for adventure seekers a better place would be little big club or legoland.

The managing of activities in wishful studio can also be further improved like making the queues less confusing and checking up on the needs of visitors (e.g the management shouldnt assume that we will eat the cookie immediately after painting it).

Black wonder was quite a good experience as there is some intellectual challenge despite some confusion.

HK house is a must go for fans but somehow it was just a display of HK collectibles here and there.

Not much comment for the performances as they are entertaining.

The food service and the food itself seriously needs a lot of improvement since it also forms an important part in the visitor impression. At least serve proper meals and speed up the waiting time since people are hungry. Check up on what food is more popular among customers/what customers find unique and stock them in the food inventory. More HK themed food should also be introduced to make the cafe unique. You are in HK town after all.

Other than that I feel that some of the popular characters in sanrio didnt make their appearance in this theme park. Did anyone happen to see pochacco/purin/usahana/pekkle in my photos? Although it is a HK town, but having the word ‘sanrio’ in its entire name imply that the more popular sanrio characters need to have some representation as well. If cinnamoroll can have the entire cafe to itself, why didnt purin appear at all?


Signing off with a pic of my up-till-date sanrio family: (more to come when I drink more coffee and draw on the lids!)

2012-12-17 20.08.33

Hello Kitty Town @ JB Part 1

Warning: Super duper long post and many spoilers

Prior to the trip, I have been reading up blog reviews and tripadvisor about Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour Theme Park. The blogs generally state that most people can tour finish the entire area within 2 to 3 hours without the queue (DracoLam from Tripadvisor, 2012) , but for us it took about 5 hours excluding 45 minutes spent chilling at the cafe. Probably because it was a Friday and people might want to spend the weekend to go to Legoland and Juseco Aeon so queues are slightly longer.

Anyway let me bust a myth first. If you google “Hello Kitty Town Malaysia”, this will be one of the search results:



But in fact the place isnt an outdoor theme park with a giant hello kitty head. It is something like this:


Where is the ferris wheel?

Bought the tickets online (only for HK town) so we didnt have to queue up at the ticket counter. The entertainment schedule shows the timing of performances and meet&greet session with characters. Expect swarms of people but try not to give it a miss. Sessions are repeated about 2 to 3 times a day.



This is a must camwhore area:


My cousins (yy, rx) and I. Just pretend that you didnt see that indian man’s head behind my head. Some photobomb that was!


This is the activity card each person will get. Basically just visit all the areas as printed on the card and collect a chop. There was supposedly some gift that can be redeemed upon completion (Y-Lyn, 2012), but that policy wasnt in place anymore. Besides there used to be an activity on the card which is paying RM75 to build a hello kitty doll but the management took that section away (Travelblur, 2012).


The build-a-doll set has been since moved to the souvenir shop and priced at a ridiculous price of  RM89.90. Seriously if it was priced at RM 75 I dont mind paying for it.


Some pics of the building lobby:


Pics of the playground entrance:


Went in at 11.30 due to a jam at the singapore customs (a clichéd excuse but it really happened) . Before we could orientate ourselves, the HK happy carnival parade kinda caught us by surprise. In order to get good shots/views of the moving characters it is better to gather at the performance area aka Purfect stage 10 minutes prior to the performance. I like melody’s pic here cos it looks so candid although it’s a little blurry. And check out my aunt shaking hands with DD!



The tea cup ride is the only ride in HK town and it can be played for an unlimited number of times. For other activities visitors are only allowed to play once unless you play it on behalf of someone who isnt interested. Anyway the speed of the cup turning can be controlled with a white steering wheel. Turn it super fast for some cheap thrill. Well that was what my cousins did. I shared a cup with yy and I freaked out all the way. Must be getting old. But it was this ride that kept my cousins entertained while I was helping them stand in queue at certain attractions with long waiting time. kids! tsk!



There is also professional photography service rendered for every attraction. Didnt buy the photos though. We found it rather pricey. 3 5R sized photos for RM 70 (pujanggmalam,2012) . Just secretly snap the pic off the computer screen if you want to save money, but it still makes a good souvenir.


Photos can be viewed/bought from this photo studio or at the souvenir shop


This is the gazebo where HK and DD stand during the photo-taking session. But we missed that. *sheepish look*


After that we went to HK’s house. It is just a walk through of her home showing you what she has in store in her rooms. More of showing off HK collectibles but it is a must go for hardcore fans. However it was felt that some of the display items look like typical toys from mega toy stores (milkkimikizz, 2012). But personally I dont mind much.

Showing the exterior:


HK’s living room:

Lots of vintage looking pictures of the kitty family. Must camwhore areas are the sofa and the fountain like structure. Gotta be patient for your turn!

initpintu_副本7 initpintu_副本8 initpintu_副本9

Moving on to the room with her piano:

More pictures and HK collectibles, a kitty shaped computer and tv. The must camwhore area: HK’s electric piano. The keys cant be pressed though.

initpintu_副本 9

initpintu_副本 10

After that we come to her kitchen. It looks really homely, with a lot of masak-masak utensils.

initpintu_副本11 initpintu_副本12



Then we come to her blue themed bathroom.



Next is the bedroom. There are 2 similar bedrooms but of different colors. I presume the yellow one belongs to mimmy while the pink one is HK’s. More collectibles. I really want to bring the entire dressing table and its contents home! The main attraction of the room is the freaking royal bed. Anyway there used to be a large kitty doll on the beds but it got removed (David JR,2012).


initpintu_副本19 initpintu_副本20

Then we reached HK’s walk in wardrobe. Quite couture. But I was kind of disappointed with the usage of space. Probably there isnt enough items to display so the space was filled with boutique boxes

initpintu_副本 21

initpintu_副本 22


last room is HK’s room. Didnt realise I snapped a blurry pic of the collectible shelf until I was at home. S**T.


and I really love this paper cutout! If only there is such activity available at wishful studio.




part 2 coming! YY just uploaded the photos she took onto FB. suddenly feel overwhelmed so I am taking a break from this and steal some of her pictures (but they wont appear in this blog cos I am too lazy to credit her. haha~)

Update 31/12/2012: I deleted all the original photos in the media gallery by mistake. Photos now compressed into collages to make the post look compact and uploading time is faster.

Feeling Challenged


I feel challenged to attack the piano again. I really feel bad cos I have neglected it during term time. Cant wait to get my diploma exam over and done with but I am not even halfway since I have sacrificed playing over studying. Anyway I am intending to do Night Pieces for my contemporary piece. The melody is catered towards imagery and it is extremely dissonant, random and off-key. Somemore it is difficult to count all the dotted notes in irregular time signatures since my timing and counting always go off place.

For my romantic piece I have changed it to Intermezzo in A minor. Previously did A major but I gave up on that song. Dont castigate me about having a lack of determination whatsoever. I abandoned that song because I dont want to be reminded of someone in the past when I play it. Plus I couldnt get the hang of it in the first place. The A minor one looks more manageable than what I was playing previously. For the sake of my own exam I have to choose the alternative way.

Have listened to renditions by professionals. Well it is a fact that I envy them for playing so well. But I am feeling lost whether I should make that piece of composition as my own, or to imitate those pianists. Sometimes it is always an unfair playing field for ametuers. People who have made their mark in their profession can express their creativity. But for us we have to stick to rigid guidelines.

Take the academic field for instance. From reading certain readings as required during term time, I got really annoyed by certain scholars. Partly because of my layman knowledge, but I felt that there was no organisation and structure in their writing. I just could not make sense from their paragraphs and derive what opinion they are trying to convey. Yet these guys can still get their works published and cited by many students and other respectable academics worldwide. Conversely for us students, we have to follow all the crazy essay formats such as linking your point to the question and writing topic sentences. Even if our mind is convinced that we did follow the guidelines, others who read your essay cant get your point and subsequently criticise you for being unclear in your expression. Then comes all the hair-pulling where you try very hard to  manipulate your words to get your message across without any apparent success.

If other people are given the right to express themselves in a manner which they prefer, why cant we have this right too? Shouldnt this right be a universal one? Are we losing our individuality in today’s world?


Was supposed to have a reunion but KY couldnt make it cos she was really sick. Actually I wasnt feeling well either due to a blocked nose and sore throat. Have been drunk with 罗汉果水 for the past few days. But when it comes to singing ktv, you get well instantly!

Had lunch at Thai Express. This was what we had:

some value for money set which I ate. YH spent super long deciding whether to eat this one (typical of her) or pineapple fried rice. In the end she regretted cos she didnt get to eat dessert.


YH’s meatarian pineapple rice


MK’s vegetarian pineapple rice


Initally YH and MK got their rice mixed up. YH found a few prawns in the meatarian rice and thought they were accidentally mixed into the rice. MK’s face came into super close contact with the rice until it was confirmed that the rice was YH’s.

Brought cake to surprise him. YH lied saying that she wanted to go to the toilet cos of a stomachache but instead she went to the kitchen to ask the staff to bring the cake out. MK didnt look surprised though. Thought he would at least be over-reacting. Just look at his sian face.


alright at least he smiled for this one


pic of us. And KY’s spirit floating in the air (you cant see it but it was there!)


YH fainting due to contact with candle smoke


Lots of funny stuff happened. talked about 肉蒲团 (I really have NO idea what that was) and summarizing the entire 甄環传 in 成语 to tempt me to watch the show. Played air hockey on the table using sweets and trying to misfit me with one of the restaurant waiters (He really doesnt know that we were talking about him).

Went to his house to sing KTV after lunch. This is me with his monster that greeted us when we first stepped in.


Didnt sing much cos I was kinda worried for my voice. MK’s rendition of 忐忑 was hilarious. We were kind of yelling and screaming and laughing when the singer hit the high notes. YH did some epic performance with this china song and sang one octave higher. And from now onwards I am officially known as Christina Winehouse just because of 2 amy winehouse songs I have sang. Ok lah, I am half justified to have the name cos both of us share the same birthday and I have nearly all her songs in my phone.

When we were at the mrt YH realised she left her phone at MK’s place. She wanted to take out her phone to call him to pass her her phone. Joke.

Yup so that’s for today. Happy to catch up with MK and glad to see that he is coping ok with school and life. Looking forward to all the subsequent KTVs and talk crap sessions!

Surprisingly I still have my voice.